Top 10 Digital Marketing Agencies in Hyderabad 

Top 10 Digital Marketing Agencies in Hyderabad 


List of the best digital marketing agencies in Hyderabad


A digital marketing agency is a coming-of-age association that employs strategies such as SEO, content marketing, and many more to improve and optimize a company’s digital reach and plays a major role in increasing the firm’s presence among targeted online users.


Let’s dig into the details now. We seldom confuse ourselves with agencies with marketing agencies. A marketing agency is the one that draws out a specific plan studded with strategies to optimize your business and to improve your sales and presence in the respective market areas simultaneously. A digital marketing agency is such a type of organization that does all of the above-mentioned things digitally.


Forget about the humdrum looming around your newly acquired knowledge. Let’s break down the things to make it simpler. Just assume that you have started a business X and opted for traditional and old school methods of marketing like spreading pamphlets, flyers in the newspapers, and weekly magazines. On the other side, a close associate of yours started a business Y and chose marketing tactics like promoting on the internet, mobile applications, radio channels, social media, and instant messaging apps. As time passes, business Y will have more reach and benefits when compared to the business X you have initiated. 


As the world is at the threshold of digitalization, you should opt for a digital-led campaign by choosing a genuine digital marketing agency that assists and improves your marketing plan for going full-fledged digital. The major difference between traditional and digital marketing is that you can follow up and monitor the results of your employed digital campaign and amend any changes according to it. According to the respected digital marketing mentor and professional Neil Patel, “some digital marketing tactics and strategies will prompt you to take a look at your blooming digital reach.” Digital marketing is cost-effective and shows humongous improvement soon and saves a lot of time, unlike the outdated traditional marketing.


Digital marketing also helps you to track a real-time Return On Investment (ROI) which means that you can quickly adopt the new strategies and up the ante for better results. It is a great trendsetter even small startups and emerging businesses can benefit a lot from these never-seen-before organizations. A digital marketing agency meticulously fabricates the strategies like planning a campaign for different media channels by allocating the budget evenly on all type of categories. Digital marketing is an emerging sector in the field of marketing and promotion which will see a noticeable increase in the coming years. People like the privilege of accessing the internet on a smartphone at any desired time and place and are using it for many essential purposes like transferring money to placing an order for their favorite food. You have to remember the fact that if the campaign employed is not mobile optimized, it will most likely miss the advantage of being recognized by the people. 


The unmatched ability of social media and the skilled expertise of the always adapting algorithms of Google is the prime reason that digital marketing is being opted for by many corporations and organizations. Advertisements are evolving into more sensible and target driven entities that there is a thick chance that your content will be picked up by the targeted user audience. You can even check the traffic buzzing around your advertisements and refine and revise your content accordingly. All said digital marketing is a golden ticket for many businesses that sprung up from the land of curiosity and professionalism.


In case, you want to learn digital marketing by yourself, do check out the best digital marketing courses in Hyderabad.


How does a digital marketing agency function?

The sole purpose of a digital marketing agency is to provide the available resources to your business and to expand its digital reach and presence. 

Initiate the Campaign


A digital marketer analyzes the business and gathers the data related to it. Unlike traditional marketing executives, a digital marketer collects the data related to the campaign themselves. While collecting the information they simultaneously analyze it. Then, they devise the initial marketing strategy required for the particular business by employing the following tools:


  • Social Media


 The digital marketer will closely analyze the trends that are being adapted presently in the areas of the respective business and will devise the campaign accordingly.


  • Content


Content always plays a major role in attracting the users to your page or the advertisement. A digital marketer will select the copywriters, content writers, graphic designers who are skilled in their fields to churn out the content for your campaign.


  • Advertising


 Ads and digital pamphlets must be fabricated carefully while providing the right information. If the ads are prepared well, they will strike the right chord with the digital audience.


  • Digital Channels


The perfect use of digital channels will leave you with immense output and humongous satisfaction. Employing the happening digital channels will bring out the best in the campaign you opted for.


Develop the Campaign


Once the stage is set, the digital marketer will develop the initiated campaign according to the data acquired and ensures that the campaign is ready for all types of devices and it is optimized for all discussed protocols and to its specifications and configurations.


  • Web Design


 Designing the page or the advertisement will play an important role in grasping the customer’s attention. Usually, a customer witnesses a lot of advertisements. A digital marketer will make sure that the content is designed well.


  • Scheduling


 A marketer will schedule the campaign accordingly. The time and the date locked into the scheduling of the campaign is the deciding factor for a campaign.


  • Identifying the right media


  The content prepared will not receive the required attention and appreciation if the right launch pads are not selected and put to the use. The marketing executive will personally look into choosing the right media channel for the content.


Run the Campaign


When the content and the campaign is ready to launch, it all depends on how well the marketer will run the employed campaign to generate leads and to improve the business. This tricky part involves various tools in making the campaign the best in the field.


  • SEO Activities


 SEO optimizes the search results and will help the business in various ways like analyzing the incoming traffic which is undoubtedly the biggest advantage and provides an inbound marketing strategy as well. 


  • Tracking the Campaign


 The digital marketer will always track the campaign and analyze the results and the real-time traffic being obtained by the campaign.


  • Promoting the Brand


It takes a lot of work and sweat in promoting the brand. The assigned executive will analyze the campaign and revise the plan, again and again, to promote the brand. Promoting it will etch the name of your brand into the minds of the digital audience. They will reach out to your associates for any type of service when needed.


Gathering the Data


The optimization and modification of the campaign are very necessary for any devised campaign as it juts out the much-avoided points and will concentrate only on the required areas. The following points are considered while gathering real-time data.


  • The user identity.


  • What is the user following?


  • What does the user generally search on the internet and their 

search patterns?


  • The location and the usage of digital media by the user.


  • The actions of the users on a particular website.


  • The actions of the users on the website of your competitors and contemporaries.


Conclude and End the Campaign


The last stage comprises analyzing and reporting the results and remarks of the campaign to you and revise the changes if necessary.


  • Analyze


  Analyzing the campaign comprises various stages like summarizing the remarks, briefing the optimizations made, and the interpretation of traffic to the clients. 


The assigned executives will be supported by the highly skilled managers of the market who negotiate and liaise the much-needed elements of offline marketing like print and public media, coordinating with the other crucial departments like sales, Human Resources (HR) to ensure that the company is perfectly in line with its objectives and ideals and is not off the track. 

Digital marketing starts with the marketers understanding and analyzing the current situation of your business and devising a plan for targeted customers. The campaign ends with a promising reach to the customers and a never-ending and always-demanding digital presence for your company. Always try to revise and rework the campaign if necessary. Hire the digital marketing agency on a full-time basis as it helps the company to evolve into a promising enterprise for its customers and also stabilizes the position of the company in the market. A digital marketing executive will analyze the company’s core ideals and make it a better one. 


Advantages of Digital Marketing


Digital marketing benefits all types of businesses with its ever adapting ways to make an enterprise a better one at an affordable price. One of the main advantages of digital marketing is that your enterprise can reach a wide range of audiences cost-effectively and affordably. The targeted audience can be reached easily by monitoring their search patterns and their interests regarding any particular product. The traffic recorded by your SEO tool gives a detailed analysis of the type of people visiting your company’s website and its official pages on social media. The other advantages include increasing the loyalty of the brand and its sales digitally.


The advantages of opting for digital marketing include:



  • Reach 


 A global reach is always important for any type of enterprise. Creating a website with the help of a professional website designer will help your firm to increase its reputation and even opens the avenue for global trading and transactions. All of this can happen only for a small amount of investment.


  • Cost and Budget-Friendly


 A well fabricated and properly planned digital marketing campaign can reach all types of audiences and can even generate proper and consistent revenue for the enterprise digitally. You can witness a substantial improvement in the brand’s reputation which will never be possible if you opt for a traditional marketing strategy.


  • Trackable and Dependable Results


 Measuring your company’s online marketing with the assistance of web analysis and other recognized online tools always makes it easier to deduce how your campaign is functioning globally. You can even obtain a detailed report regarding the usage of your website and the pages on any social media platform and how the users have been reacting to your company’s content and advertisements. This type of facility even provides a room for improvement. 


  • Personalization


 Tuning or tweaking the company’s website or linking it with the customer database can do wonders. Whenever a customer lands on your website or social media page you can excite and amuse them with tailor-made offers and contests. This way you can not only build the reputation but also keep the customers engaged. The more they visit and interact with you, the more you can refine the website accordingly. This can even increase the digital revenue you are earning.


  • Transparency


Transparency and openness play an important role in building up customer satisfaction and most importantly brand loyalty. You can achieve this by monitoring the company’s social media pages meticulously. Don’t just put up the pages on the social media platforms and leave them. Make the pages more user friendly and always give a detailed description of the company’s services and resources. Dedicate some time to answering the users’ queries. This can be time taking but the yield it generates is humungous. 


  • Social Currency


 Digital marketing can be tamed and achieved by employing useful tactics and strategies and also by creating content marketing campaigns. Social currency provides a deep insight into your customers which allows you to improve your brand’s reputation. If your enterprise earns a respectable amount of social currency it has the opportunity to become an influencer in the industry. It cements the company’s position and even gains leverage among the other influencers as well. The higher the social currency, the more quality leads can be acquired. You can even reach the premium price point target with the help of social currency.


  • Optimized Conversion Rates


  If you are in possession of a legitimate website for your company, then you are just a few clicks away from prompting a customer to make a purchase. This mode of purchase is way better than going up to a shop or calling them for an order. Digital Marketing is a seamless and hassle-free medium where every product and service can be quick and immediate. It saves time and improves the quality of the company simultaneously. 


Reasons Why You Should Opt For A Digital Marketing Agency To Increase Your Digital Presence


Digital marketing encompasses all your requirements to build a reputed online presence. Digital marketing adapts technology and the internet and blends them in the right portions to give you the desired output. It even increases the digital growth you have been craving for and also convinces the customers to buy from your website. All this can be done with a limited budget. This doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on the quality they are offering. Before you dive deep into the subject, there are some reasons you should be aware of and it is necessary to understand the fundamental ideas of digital marketing.


  • Affordability


 Digital marketing is cost-effective and it is considerably less expensive than the other traditional marketing methods. The prices specified can vary based on your demands and the type of service you are seeking out. On the flip side, traditional marketing agencies demand a lump sum of money, and there is no guarantee that there will be a prominent improvement in the area of the respective market. It is always advisable to invest your hard-earned money in digital marketing as it is promising and the results will be consistent. 


  • Ease of Access


  The reports suggest that 80 percent of American adults own a smartphone and are likely to use the device for their daily essential needs. They even use it for browsing social media, news, and for many other recreational activities. Digital marketing will assist you in reaching all these active devices while they are using them. With tools and tricks like attention-grabbing advertisements, emails, and text marketing you can achieve what you have been craving for: a global digital presence. This type of reach will help you to attain a worldwide presence with a huge amount of reputation.


  • Expansion


 In this digital era, many of the customers prefer shopping online to buying things offline. Digital marketing provides a room for you to sell things online and it even expands the reach of your company. With relevant information blooming on your website, you can expand brand recognition and even boost your sales accordingly. This type of facility gives an upper hand on traditional marketing. Going digital is always advisable for emerging small, micro, and medium websites as they cannot bear the expense of losses every time.


  • Multimedia


 Customers tend to engage more with the details and pictures of the products being sold on the website. You can up the ante by introducing a range of vibrant multimedia formats to the website such as photos, videos, podcasts, and even small audio clips. It is easier to incorporate these types of multimedia into the website than any other type of publicity. Attaching multimedia to the website is very important. You can even use the same content for offline publicity like billboards and hoardings. This saves a lot of time and money. 


  • Flexibility


 There are many forms of digital marketing available which never compromises on quality as well as quantity. You are a few steps away from making most of it and you can do it whenever you want to. A digital marketing agency will see to it that the campaign employed will make use of strategies like banners, email and content marketing, social media posts. Hiring an agency will reduce the bludgeoning task of marketing and they will look into the details of it. 


  • Work with Professionals


 For small and medium businesses, you can’t afford to take the risk of hiring marketing experts in the middle of a business campaign. It can be pretty exhausting for you to look into every detail of marketing techniques and you will be too preoccupied with your work to comprehend the SEO strategies. That’s when the digital marketing agencies step in.


 You can get unlimited access to a team of dedicated, working professionals who are qualified enough to strategize your campaign and even optimize it. The top companies hire some real talent to manage their online presence. The privilege is that the professionals working for you have the experience of working with similar projects in the past. So, you don’t have to squeeze up your financial reserves to leverage the expertise.


  • New Ideas


 In digital marketing, it is important to recognize the fact that every strategy will not work for you. As a rule of thumb, you cannot always go by the book to achieve the goals. Sometimes the strategies employed without any proper research can even yield some disappointing results as well.


 Well-reputed digital marketing will give you the best ideas that will not only suit the business but also give some great results. They will throw light on some unexplored perspectives on the things which you have been willing to do. They will analyze the marketing efforts and generate new ideas according to the viewing patterns of the customers.


  • Stay Relevant to the Industry 


At this juncture, it is important to understand the fact that research is a must prior to the launch of any type of business campaign. It is very important to learn about your peers, competitors, and the latest marketing practices in your industry. The expert in industry-related marketing is a digital marketing agency. They thrive to research the ongoing practices on the market and identify your place in the competition. They even update themselves on the latest trends and developments to ensure commendable yields.


The experts in the agency lead extensive research on the target audience to learn and comprehend their behavior, patterns, preferences, and interests. This research is to ensure that the adopted strategies should yield the maximum results to keep your business booming and to engage the audience. 


  • Required Tools


Admit it, the digital marketing strategies require some specific tools to implement the strategies and to streamline each campaign. Most of the tools are premium in the cost and the price increases with every updated version and upgrade. You will require analytics, competition analysis, automation tools, paid search management, and competition analysis.


The cumulative cost for all these tools is quite expensive for small and medium businesses to bear. The dire need for operating personnel for these tools costs even more. The digital marketing agencies are industry-ready by equipping these tools along with the human expertise needed. The charge they offer is inclusive of all the costs for handling and operating these tools.


  • Measurable ROI


The thumb rule in any type of business is: don’t invest if you don’t dare to expect the profits and returns. With so many marketing strategies looming around the digital landscape, it is really difficult to know which one to adopt to generate ROI. That’s when the marketing agencies step in. They keep a close tab on the Key Performances Indicators (KPIs). These indicators play a key role to figure out how the strategies are performing concerning the laid down objectives.


The assigned experts will identify the prime metrics to follow the content provided to the different media and social channels across the world to measure its effectiveness and accuracy. You will receive a monthly or quarterly report on how your business is performing. This website audit will assist you in making a good decision accordingly. 




The Top 10 Digital Marketing Agencies in Hyderabad




Brandingnuts is one of the most renowned digital marketing agencies in Hyderabad well known for its skilled expertise in the field of digital and content marketing. This pioneer in digital marketing was nurtured and nourished by some of the renowned professionals in the industry. They are widely praised for their unique take on analyzing the client’s business and providing them a jumped up action plan topped with innovative strategies that will help the client to solidify their position in the respective industry. A never fading charm and the possession of ingenious expertise in their work always help them to forge an unforgettable bond between them and their clients. They firmly believe in providing the digital strategies irrespective of the domain and field their clients belong to. 




  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)


  • Digital Marketing


  • Pay Per Click (PPC)


  • Online Reputation Management (ORM)  


Founded in the year 2019.


Address: Madhapur, Hyderabad.




Employees: 10 -49 


Contact No.: 83413 92803



  • Facebook Blueprint Certified Digital Marketing Associate


  • Clutch – Top Advertising and Marketing Agencies (2019)


  • DESIGNRUSH.COM – Best Social Media Marketing Agencies


  • Top SEO Rankers – Top SEO Company (2019)


  • GoodFirms – Top Digital Marketing Company 




One of the renowned digital marketing agencies in Hyderabad, 8 Views needs no introduction. Packed with some of the known experts of the industry, 8 Views thrives to offer some of the state-of-the-art expertise to its clientele. With its workforce and talent, this organization has had the privilege of working in different sectors like healthcare, education, real estate, lifestyle, and many more. At 8 Views they firmly believe that maintain a happy, satisfied workforce will automatically bring the best of it and simultaneously harbors the best clients.




  • SEO


  • Mobile Marketing


  • Ad Campaign


  • Web Design and Development


  • Digital Strategy


  • Analytics 


Founded in the year 2015


CEO: Niranjan & Sri Ram Cherukuri


Address: Banjara Hills, Hyderabad


Contact No.: 80997 08888


Employees: 50 – 249 



GMR, Hyderabad Metro Rail, Nissan Kicks, Ozone Groups, AISFM, Danube Home, Novotel, The Golkonda, CtrlS, oyehappy, Zaggle, Phoenix Forever, Lahari Resorts, Piramal Group, Feuji, Agility 




Renowned for making businesses digital, Geekschip is one of the top-notch digital marketing agencies available in Hyderabad. The experts at Geekschip hustle round-the-clock to make the clients meet their visions and goals. The geeks at the Geekschip prefer transparency between the clientele and the workforce and are always open to any type of honest and genuine discussion. Geekschip travels with their clients and revels in their companions. They soulfully fabricate the required marketing strategies and are proud of it. 




  • Digital Marketing Services


  • SEO Services


  • SMM Services


  • PPC Services


  • Lead Generation Services


  • ORM Services


  • Influencer Marketing Services


  • App Marketing Services


  • Video Marketing Services


  • Growth Hacking Agency  


  • Facebook Marketing 


  • Web Designing


Founded in the year 2017.


Address: Madhapur, Hyderabad






Contact No.: 91000 68884


Employees: 10 – 49



Duke’s Galaxy, Pixelloid, Subhayogam,, Tesla, Ananya, NCC Urban, Troop Messenger, Merakee, Tvisha, Proquest Fitness.



  • Clutch – Top Digital Marketing Agencies (2018)


  • GoodFirms – Top Digital Marketing Company


  • TopDevelopers – Top Digital Marketing Companies

Featured In


  • Manta


  • Gust


  • Trust Pilot


  • WhaTech


  • Ap Sense


  • Entrepreneur India


Socialiency Advertising 


Socialiency Advertising believes that advertising is all about creating a culture. They help their clients to create innovative designs for advertisements and helps them to build brands and their reputation. They indulge more in social media promotion and devise marketing strategies which are very useful and informative as well. Their main advantage is that they blend the culture and its references with the content they create. This type of unique fusion makes them stand-out with no competitors. With networks across India, the personnel working for the firm are highly skilled with tons of experience. 




  • BTL Marketing


  • SEO


  • Digital Advertising


  • Web Design and Development


Founded in the year 2019.




Contact No.: 87903 20701 


Employees: 2-9 ( CoVid-19) 


Address: Mehdipatnam, Hyderabad.




The Address, Junaid’s Tutorials, Marco Dal Maso, MiGrocer, Saji Haircare, Juhi, Infiniti Fitness, Concept Schools, Juhi, Smoothie Shack, Excellence by Maharaja’s.


Awards & Mentions


  • GoodFirms: Top Digital Marketing Company


  • Google Partner


  • Facebook Marketing Partner


  • Top Firms: Top Digital Marketing Agency 




Adweta Solutions is one of the best digital marketing agencies available in Hyderabad. People at Adweta transform your business into a digital pioneer by choosing the right strategies which are tailored for your specific business. They thrive to improve the digital presence of their clients by employing state-of-the-art tools that help them in solidifying your position in the digital world. Adweta Solutions helps you improve your ROI by affiliating your business with Amazon, b2b, and b2c companies. They offer the best client relationship management which is ethical and transparent.




  • Online Reputation Management
  • Branding & Promotion


  • SEO


  • SMM


  • SEM


Founded in the year 2019.


Contact No.: 9667 53336


Address: Madhapur, Hyderabad 


Employees: 10 – 49




KRV Guru


An award-winning company with a loaded team of youngsters with their unquenched zeal and energy, KRV Guru is one of the best digital marketing agencies available in Hyderabad. The people at KRV Guru are passionate about what they do and put their souls into the work they always do. They devise some of the best strategies for digital marketing campaigns which increases a minimum of 100% revenue they are obtaining currently. The firm has an excellent record of working with the small, medium, and large companies and they are staunch believers of innovation and imagination. 




  • Branding


  • Content Marketing


  • Digital Marketing


  • Inbound Marketing


  • Pay Per Click (PPC)


  • SEO


  • SMM


  • Web Development


  • Strategic Management


Founded in the year 2018.




Contact No.: +91 40 4854 3331

                       +91 40 4017 0410


Employees: 10 – 49


Address: Habsiguda, Hyderabad




Dr. Ankith Kotla, Zystus Nutraceuticals, N.K Properties, Heal Up, Body Pro Coach, Hotel SVM Grand, Loaders & Dozers, Summation IT, Kalamargam, 18 Hours Fitness Studyo, Janvin Enterprises, Cynthia International School, VinHaze, Savient Edutech, Superfresh, Maestro Movies, Kavya Enterprises, Gulmohar The Plant Studio.


Awards & Accolades


  • Most Promising Digital Marketing Agency in Hyderabad –  India


  • Business Awards 2019


  •  Marketing Startup Awards – Ink Spell Media


  • India 5000 Best MSME Awards – India 5000


  • Top 25 Branding Agency Globally – Designrush


  • Best Digital Marketing Agency in Hyderabad – GoodFirms


  • Justdial Trusted Company – Justdial


  • Top 10 Promising Startups in Hyderabad – Silicon Media


What A Story


What A Story is one of the most leading video production and branding agencies in India. They capture stories with impeccable storytelling which is perfectly blended with rich and vibrant visuals. They cater to services like motion graphics, animated explainer videos, and corporate videos. They concoct some of the industry’s best logos, branding materials, and many more to consolidate your position in the digital industry. The firm has its fingers spread in 18 countries satisfying more than 500+ clients. They never compromise on quality and treat the clients as their partners.




  • Branding


  • Videos


  • Pitch Deck


  • UI/UX Design


Founded in the year 2015.


Contact No.: 77990 56684


Employees: 10 – 49


Address: Kondapur, Hyderabad




GenericPlus, Narwal, Al Ittihad Medical Centre, Foster Care Ireland, Estyla Fashion, Ezenith, Pinnacle Concepts, Intex, Emerge Media App, Purple PI, APJ Abdul Kalam Infographic, Black Cat, Trica Hair Clinic, Acheron, Any Time Loan, Senworx, Hetero and many more.


iRankdigi IT Solutions


iRankdigi is one of the top-notch digital marketing agencies available in Hyderabad. With a team of smartly operated marketing strategists, the firm has worked with many leading companies generating innovative tactics and strategies required for any digital marketing campaign. They provide some of the best SEO strategies that will help to consolidate your digital presence.




  • Web Design Services


  • Content Marketing


  • Digital Marketing


  • Email & SMS Marketing


  • SEO


  • SMM


  • SEM


  • Google Ads


  • PPC Services 


Founded in the year 2018.




Contact No.: 96668 89441


Employees: 10 – 49


Address: Himayat Nagar, Hyderabad


KloudPortal Technology Solutions 


KloudPortal is a leading digital marketing company that specializes in empowering businesses. Serving the entire business community such as corporate healthcare, healthcare professionals, educational institutions, and individual agents, KloudPortal connects and empowers organizations to increase their reach and consolidate their digital reputation.  By adopting scientific tactics and techniques, understanding the demographics of the target audience, Kloudportal has helped many organizations reach their target goals. 




  • SEO
  • Content Writing
  • Public Relations
  • PPC
  • SSM
  • ORM
  • Advertising


Founded in the year 2014.




Contact No.: 92991 52641


Employees: 10 – 49


Address: Hi-Tech City, Hyderabad


The Next Big Thing 


The Next Big Thing is a top-notch digital marketing agency with imminent reputation and credibility. The firm is known for its path-breaking, innovative tactics & strategies that assist any type of businesses irrelevant of their industry will generate a lot of digital presence and revenue at the same time. The personnel at The Next Big Thing has had the privilege of working with many eminent personalities in diverse sectors like hospitality, education, food & beverages, real estate, education, drive-ins, clothing & apparel, and many more. Their impeccable ability to reach the client’s needs carved out a special name and reputation for them.




  • Brand Communication


  • Social Media Marketing


  • Inbound Marketing


  • Search Engine Optimization


  • Strategic Planning & Consultancy


  • Web & App Development


  • Paid Advertising


  • Content Strategy & Creation


  • Content Marketing


  • Video Production


  • Email Marketing


  • UI/UX Design 


Founded in the year 2015


CEO: Prithvi Tej Tulluri


Contact No.: 81795 19009




Employees: 10 – 49


Address: Kondapur, Hyderabad




Westin Hotels & Resorts, Avasa Hotels, NEXA, Sarovar Hotels & Resorts, Krishna Jewellers, Pearls & Gems, Hotel Daspalla, Aerofit, Saboo RKS, TinMen, Zaggle, Sachdev Sports Co., CIBO House, Punjab Grill, Zagg, The Park, Country Oven, TULIP, Robotouch, Liquor Bank, Concord Comfort, Learnpedia, Lakshmi Diamonds, Throttle, Local Bells, Isthara, Mr Fox, Levonor and many more.