Top 10 Digital Marketing Agencies in Dubai

List of Top 10 Digital Marketing Agencies in Dubai to Work With for Better ROI

In the present business world, the role of “Digital Marketing Agencies” is becoming very crucial.  Nowadays more and more people are getting access to the online world, so it is becoming essential for business houses to have an online presence on various social media platforms in order to improve their brand awareness as well as to improve their sales and marketing prospects.


Not only digital marketing agencies make it easy for the businesses to grow their ROI through their expert knowledge but also save time and money for the companies so that the companies can use those resources in other internal business development tasks.


The digital marketing services, provided by various agencies, come in handy with measurable and precise data, which makes it easy for enterprises to measure their sales and marketing performance more effectively and plan for the future accordingly.


There are various marketing options available to explore online, such as SEO, SEM, blogging, social media, email marketing, etc.  After experiencing the power of online marketing, you will gradually start thinking of innovative ways to handle your consumers.


Before providing you details about the List of Top 10 Digital Marketing Agencies in Dubai, I would like to grab your attention briefly to make you realize exactly why you need the help of a “Digital Marketing Agency” for your business to grow.


Let’s have a look into it.

Why You Need the Service of a Digital Marketing Agency?


  • Cost Cutting:  You have to purchase different digital marketing tools to work on different platforms, for which you have to spend a lot of money; whereas the agencies have all essential tools, so you do not have to spend a single penny.


No need to keep full-time employees, which will cost you more in the way of salaries, benefits, etc.


  • Expertise Service:   Already Digital Marketing agencies have experienced people working for them, so they possess very good knowledge of running different types of campaigns before.


For small businesses, hiring an expert or build a team of digital marketers may not be easy.


  • More Time for Business:  You just need to hire an agency and tell them your goals, they will just take the extra burden off your shoulder.  While they will work for you more effectively towards your goal, you can spend that amount of time in other essential business requirements.  


In this way, you can save more time to focus on different internal business matters.


  • Different Point of View:  Not only a good agency will provide you better results, but at the same time, they can give a different perspective to the same thing that your employees had already been working on.  It is because, through social media marketing, we can target a particular audience group. 


With this technique, you can experiment with different groups and come to a conclusion about the choices and rejections to a particular product or service.  By using the data in the future we can streamline our campaign more effectively and reach more customers.  


  • Services are Upgradable:  You no need to worry about more staffing and resourcing when your business expands, because the service of the digital marketing agency is always expandable. 


Most of the agencies have different packages for various work requirements.  You just need to renew your service package and you are on a go.


  • Measuring Performance:   It is very important for every individual to know how their campaigns are performing.  In this regard, the agencies use different channels to understand how effective each campaign works.


They will help you by doing website auditing, using various analytics, and providing you with monthly and quarterly results of your campaigns.  After going through various matrixes, you can plan your future marketing policies.


What Services You Can Expect from Digital Marketing Agencies


Online marketing firms will help you to spread brand awareness on different platforms online and also will help you in increasing your sales and marketing through various digital marketing tactics. 


The tactics applied by these firms may vary, but overall the tools which they provide are as detailed below:


  • SEO:  Making your page appear on top of search results in Google is a very important aspect of any digital marketing campaign.  Being at the top will ensure better visualization of your products and services, which will result in more potential customers.  


Almost every marketing agency provides this service.


  • Google Ads:  This is a paid service of Google, where your page will show on top of the page in the form of Ads.


This is another way to grab the attention of customers quickly.  If you need quick marketing of your products and services, then it works really nice if used in a proper way.


  • Facebook Advertising:  Facebook is very famous among advertisers because this platform provides the facility of targeting audiences on the basis of gender, income, location, status update, interests, education, etc.


It is a paid service, but very effective in attracting customers to go for the product and services which you want to sell or provide.


  • Email Marketing:  This is another best way to contact directly to customers and making them aware of your products.


Email marketing is still the most effective way of marketing and it really helps in increasing your ROI.


  • Video Ads:  YouTube has a vast audience of all age groups, which makes it very popular among marketers.  You can also find your potential customers by targeting them by demography, location, interest, etc.


  • Content Marketing:  Content is the king.  It is a multi-million dollar business.  It is the most effective way to give solutions to your customers.


Content Marketing services include SEO writing, content analysis, creation of blog posts, promotional materials for social media, and many more.


  • Mobile Marketing:  People take action more on mobile searches.  Out of 90% of searches on mobile, 50% converts into sales.  This is a very popular medium to improve ROI.


Services that come under this marketing are app download, app advertising, and YouTube Ads.


  • Web Designing:  Creating a beautiful website is very essential for your company because it’s a virtual presence of your company.  


A well-crafted website can develop faith in your customers towards your organization, will give an edge above your competitors, etc.


  • Research of Market:  The foremost important aspect of growing any business is to first know the market in which it is functioning.  Without proper market research, a company may not be able to find out the areas where it needs improvement to increase sales.


These firms usually analyze and research your current market situation and make you aware of it.


How to Choose a Digital Marketing Agency


There are so many online marketing service providers are available in the market, so you have to take into consideration some key points before choosing a better one.


Below are some of the points for your knowledge, which will help you in your decision making.


  1. Clients List and Past Experience:  A well known digital marketing agency will always have a list of clients with whom they worked or they are currently working.  An established agency should not hesitate to let you know about their client list or to put on their website because a list of reputed clients makes their goodwill strong in the market.


Whatever be your budget, you should not compromise with the quality of work you want from them.


By going through their list of clients, both past and present will make you confident to work with that particular agency.


  1. Proof of Social Presence:  Feedback of previous clients or testimonials and client reviews will give you an idea about whom you are going to work with and you will have an understanding of whether they can meet your expectations or not.


Usually, smart marketing agencies display testimonials of their respective clients on their websites and other social media platforms.  It is also a benchmark to look for before signing with any agency.


Also, the type of reviews, whether negative or positive, is also a deciding factor while choosing a good agency.


  1. Experienced Work Force:  Always make sure to go through their list of team members, about their expertise and knowledge in this field.  Because they are the people who are going to make or break your future goals.


You should always check their about us page or LinkedIn profile of the company to know their workforce better and how much experience they have.


If you are still not sure or found relevant information about the workforce, you can always ask for it while consulting.  Don’t hesitate.


  1. Well-Crafted Website:  As we all know that the website of any particular organization is the first step to know about them.  It also applies to an established digital marketing agency and we expect the same from them.


If their website is not approachable and attractive, then how could we expect better service and deliverance from them.


Before choosing an agency, first, check for their website.  If it attracts you and building a sense of confidence in you, then go for it; otherwise, there is always a better one available.


  1. Beware of Extraordinary Promises:  Some agencies make extraordinary promises on their websites, which you should be watchful for.  


Always check twice and compare their promises made with the output usually they provide.


For example, if an agency promises to make your website rank number one on Google immediately, then just be cautious because it is not so easy.

Take a wise decision, should not get into the trap of some agencies’ false promises.


  1. Client Support:  A digital marketing agency must have a strong support team to consult or discuss with whenever there is a necessity arises.  


They must have a contact us page with details about their addresses, phone numbers, and email IDs.


The website should have been a clear call to action on each page of their website so that you can reach them when a requirement comes with a click.


  1. Pricing and Packages:  Usually digital marketing agencies charge on a monthly or yearly basis, which comes in various packages form.


A plan which you won’t always depend on your needs and your budget allocation.


You can always change your plan and package as per your requirement in the future.


List of Top 10 Digital Marketing Agencies in Dubai


Dubai is a fabulous city with top-notch companies are establishing there, which makes this city as an emerging technology hub in the Middle East.


As per data provided by Clutch, there is a presence of about 886 digital marketing agencies along with many other small to medium level organizations who also provide digital marketing services.


By keeping in mind the picture of a huge number of agencies providing this service, it is not an easy task for you to pick a particular firm for any project.  To make it simple for you, we are hereby providing a list of the top 10 Digital Marketing Agencies in Dubai, which you can choose from.


  • McCollins Media


Having experience of 10+ years, this company emerges as a leading service provider in the digital arena.  It applies the most innovative and evolving digital trends to experiment with for the betterment of the overall growth of any organization.


It has a workforce of young and passionate in-house team based in Dubai Media City.


Services Provided:  Social Media Management, SEO, SEM, Video Creation, Mobile App Development, etc.


Clients:  Toshiba, Bebe, Samsung, Sofitel, Costa Coffee, etc.


Contact Detail:  209, Entrance C, Loft Offices 1 – Dubai Media City




Phone #:  04-4456848






Established in the year 2006, EDS is a team of experts providing the best business solutions and remarkable digital marketing results for clients present worldwide.  The workforce comprises of experienced people, particularly from the digital marketing field.


The office is based in Dubai Silicon Oasis.


Services Provided:  Search engine optimization, pay per click, analytics, website design and development, CMS, email marketing, SMM, consultation, video production, etc.


Clients:  3M, ADNEC, American Hospital, Atlantis, Audi, Barclays, and many more.


Contact Detail:  Palace Towers, Office 211, Dubai Silicon Oasis, PO Box 64138, Dubai, UAE




Phone #:  04-5193444




  • Digital Nexa


Digital Nexa is in force since 2005.  It has helped many enterprises to grow and achieve their best during this span of time.


Won MENA Search Awards consecutively for the years 2017, 2018, and 2019.


It has the presence of offices in the UAE, the USA, and the UK.


Services Provided:  Website Design and Development, Social Media Marketing, HubSpot and Inbound Marketing Services, Search Engine Marketing and Optimization, SEM, Sales Lead Generation, Email Marketing, Mobile App Development, etc.


Clients:  invisalign, ENGEL & VOLKERS, ARBOR, NASCO, StudyGroup, etc.


Contact Detail:  Office 1205, Grosvenor Business Tower; P.O. Box: 123439; Tecom, Dubai,  UAE




Phone #:  +971 55 467 2946




  • 7G Media


Founded in the year 2007, is a leading Arabic Agency providing digital marketing services in both Arabic and English languages.  It has hands-on experience in providing services to clients from 30+ industries.


It is located in Business Bay, an exclusive business district in Dubai.


Services Provided:   Web Development, Animated Videos, SMM, content creation, video content creation, SEO, SEM, etc.


Clients:  United Arab Emirates Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Health, Dubai Police, Emirates NBD, UAE Astronaut Programme, and more.


Contact Detail:  Citadel Tower, Office 404, Business Bay, P.O. Box 183172, Dubai, UAE




Phone #:  +971 4 4495427




  • Brand Stallion


Having offices in London, Dubai, and Karachi, Brand Stallion helps to promote brands and increasing sales of different companies by using their expert knowledge and dedicated professional team members.


They will help you reach your goal through their powerful inbound marketing skills.


Services Provided:   Digital Marketing,  Social Media, Website Designing, etc.


Clients:  Adidas, Colgate, TAPAL, ARIF HABIB, elysian, and others.


Contact Detail:  Burlington Tower, Office Suite 1502; Business Bay, Al Abraj Street, Sheikh Zayed Road; PO Box 393770, Dubai, UAE.


Email:  NA


Phone #:  +971 50 180 0278




  • Igloo


Igloo was founded in 2004 in Beirut and moved its headquarters to Dubai, UAE in 2013.  They have a team of expert marketers, innovative thinkers, skilled designers, and developers, who always help their clients to grow their businesses smoothly in a vertical manner.


They have their offices located in the UAE and KSA.


Services Provided:   SEO, SEM, SMM, Website Design and Development, and Branding.


Clients:  NISSAN, CHALHOUB Group, MEED, Aster, and others.


Contact Detail:  1204, Fortune Executive Tower; Cluster T, Jumeirah Lake Towers; P.O. Box: 336101, Dubai, UAE




Phone #:  +971 4 4310831




  • ENH Media & Communications


Through target marketing and different communication strategies, they will create your niche in the global marketplace.  As an experienced agency, they will try their best to grab the attention of your customers without a miss.  


It is located in Dubai, UAE.


Services Provided:   Search Engine Optimization, Professional Photography, Collateral Designing, Pay Per Click, Mobile App Development, Content Marketing, Logo Designing, User Interface Designing, and many more.


Clients:  Dubai Duty-Free, DMCC, DP World, AL NOOR, AL Khaleej Sugar, and others.


Contact Detail:  #207, Arcade Building, Al Garhoud, P.O. Box – 112123, Dubai, UAE




Phone #:  +971 4 2390828




  • Red Berries


It is one of the dynamic agencies in the UAE, which can provide all sorts of digital marketing services and communications.


In fact, its digitally skilled manpower helps companies to grow to their optimum potential and spreading their digital footprint throughout the industry in different communication platforms.  


Services Provided:   Tracking and Analytics, Digital Strategy and Positioning, SEO, UX development, Graphic Design and other specialty services.


Clients:  Not Applicable.


Contact Detail:  Redberries Digital Marketing Agency, Dubai, #M4, Garhoud Views Building, Garhoud. P.O Box 182053, Dubai, United Arab Emirates




Phone #:  +971 4 295 7880




  • Smartbaba


Smartbaba is providing web designing and various online business solutions for over 6 years.  They are the partner of AA Media Marketing.  By using the latest technology, they help organizations to implement better strategies for better ROI generation.


They have a team of very skilled and like-minded people, who work in perfect coordination and dedication towards the goal of their clients.


Services Provided:   All types of digital marketing related services including Mass Media Marketing, Indoor Marketing, SMS Marketing, email marketing, web development and maintenance, content creation, etc.


Clients:  CrossDay, 200ta, Ahlers, ADCO Dubai, fiber tech manufacturing, and others.


Contact Detail:  Redberries Digital Marketing Agency, Dubai, #M4, Garhoud Views Building, Garhoud. P.O Box 182053, Dubai, United Arab Emirates




Phone #:  +971 4 295 7880




  1. Traffic Digital


A leading brand in the field of digital marketing, it has experience of working with 300+ clients from 25 different industries.  It has a team of 100+ full-time staff based in 6 different locations.


Traffic Digital has offices located in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Jeddah, Riyadh, Karachi, and Cairo.


Services Provided:   UX/UI Design, Content Creation and Marketing, Enterprise solutions, Online Marketing Services, and others.


Clients:  Unilever, Chevrolet, Mamas & Papas, Revlon, Comfort, GMC, Fair & Lovely, Vaseline, TRESemme, OMO, Porter Novelli, and many more.


Contact Detail:  Traffic Digital, Office 2205, Floor 22, Mazaya Business Avenue – Tower AA1, Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Dubai  P.O Box 242699, UAE




Phone #:  +971 (0)4 454 2230






Nowadays Digital Marketing can be a game-changer for any business entity.  Reaching people becomes easier through digital marketing as more and more people are in some or other ways using the internet in their day-to-day life.  Compared to traditional marketing, it is cheaper and faster; at the same time, success is also measurable.


Anybody with any form of business, though small or big, should hire an agency by keeping in mind the points as discussed above for achieving their business goals through online marketing.