Top 10 Technical Writing Courses in Mumbai

Writing is one of the most reliable and clear forms of communication that cannot be altered. In today’s world, written information has become very vital and the most reliable way of presenting any data or information. For this, we need professional technical writers to make the information accessible, understandable, and available for all those who read it, according to the reader’s need and information field. Before we explore the technical writing courses in Mumbai, let us understand what technical writing is, its advantages and importance of it, its usage in today’s world, the need for technical writers, their roles, and responsibilities in various fields.


List of best technical writing courses in Mumbai


With those useful insights and awareness of the future of technical writing, your next thought would be on how to become a technical writer. The answer is simple. Join a course from a reputed institute, learn technical writing skills, and ace it. We alleviate your worries and provide you with a list of the top 10 technical writing courses in Mumbai.


What is Technical Writing?


Technical writing is the writing of technical communication used in technical fields such as computer hardware and software, engineering, chemistry, aeronautics, robotics, finance, medical, consumer electronics, biotechnology, and forestry. It communicates about technical topics like computer applications, medical procedures, or environmental regulations using technology, such as web pages, help files, or social media sites, or providing instructions about how to do something, regardless of the technicality of the product or service.


Why Do We Need Technical Writing?


Good technical writing is concise, focused, accurate, and easy to understand. It should be free of errors and audience-based. Technical documents should always be explicitly clear about what the subject matter of a technical document is and how to use the presented information.


Technical writing requires a writer to extensively study their audience and be aware of their audience’s existing knowledge about the material they are discussing, as it determines the content and focus of a document, its design, and layout.


An evaluation report on a scientific study’s findings that is written for a group of highly skilled scientists will be constructed differently than one intended for the general public.


  • Instructions and procedures
  • Proposals.
  • Emails, letters, and  memoranda
  • Press releases.
  • Specifications
  • Descriptions
  • Resume and job applications
  • Technical reports
  • Case study
  • White papers
  • Websites.


The Need for Technical Writers:


Technical writers focus on making the documents as clear as possible, to make them easy for the reader to understand, avoiding overly technical phrases and stylistic choices like passive voice and nominalizations. It would be disastrous if a technical writer’s instructions on how to use a high-powered X-ray machine were difficult to decipher.


Technical writers may not be subject-matter experts (SMEs) themselves, but they collaborate with SMEs to complete tasks that require more knowledge about a subject than they possess. A technical writer will analyze their audience, know what they need to communicate, and then convey the message accurately and ethically, which if not followed correctly, could result in physical, environmental, or financial repercussions.


This is essential to accuracy because the language will be tailored according to what they already understand about the subject at hand, like how instructions on how to correctly and safely assemble a bookshelf are included with the purchase of the bookshelf, which is constructed so that anyone can follow along, including details as to where each fastener goes. If those instructions were inaccurate, the bookshelf would be unstable and fail.


Technical writers spend large amounts of time making sure their documents are readable because a poorly designed document hampers a reader’s comprehension. Images, diagrams, and videos are also commonly employed by writers because these media can often convey complex information, like a company’s annual earnings or a product’s design features, in a far more efficient way than text.


What is a Technical Writing Course?


The Technical Writing Course trains and equips the writer to focus on all core skills, essential to ace technical writing and ensures they acquire the expertise to:


  • Create or craft compelling and succinct written documents after an audience analysis.
  • Recognize various forms of technical communication and decide on a format to convey the technical information.
  • Explain complex technical concepts lucidly for the common man to understand easily through relevant content.
  • Polish your technical writing skills, always keeping in mind the reader and adhering to formatting and other documentation rules.
  • Create visually appealing documents with the incorporation of design elements, images, etc., to enhance the reading experience.
  • Always adhere to best practices and avoid pitfalls.


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Qualifications to Become a Technical Writer


A college degree is required for the position as a technical writer with some experience in a technical subject, such as computer science, Web design, or engineering, which is important.


  • Communication abilities Technical writers must be able to take complex technical information and translate it for non-technical colleagues and customers.
  • Detail-oriented personality. Technical writers write detailed instructions that others must follow. As a result, they must be detailed and precise at all times for the instructions to be useful.
  • Imagination. Technical writers must be able to think about a procedure or product in the same way that someone with no technical experience would.
  • Teamwork. Technical writers must be able to collaborate effectively with others. They are almost always part of a team, which includes other writers, designers, editors, and illustrators, as well as the technical people whose information they are explaining.
  • Technical abilities. Technical writers must be able to comprehend complex concepts.


Responsibilities of a Technical Writer


Here are some examples of responsibilities taken from real technical writer resumes that represent typical tasks they would be expected to perform in their roles.


  • Lead the team responsible for the first simultaneous release of the product stack on UNIX platforms.
  • Analyze the RFP requirements to better understand the customer’s solution requirements and to identify potential differentiators for competitive advantage.
  • Manage a security program for the Department of Defense that classifies magnetic media, documents, and physical security systems.
  • Create software requirements documents for a proprietary medical software device; manage documents in an FDA-regulated environment using SDLC.
  • Assist the company in obtaining ISO certification by determining best practices, writing ISO compliant manufacturing instructions, and teaching the best manufacturing processes.
  • Identify and implement a large-scale computer upgrade to accommodate the new CMS while allocating and managing staff resources.
  • Edit HTML and CSS properties to change the properties of the displayed content or to create custom widgets.
  • Use DITA, HTML, SGML, XHTML, and CSS to efficiently structure information for corresponding output channels.
  • Redesign an outdated internal directory website using HTML, CSS, and PHP and a custom CSS layout to make it fully responsive.
  • Convert the organization’s work processes from paper-based FrameMaker documentation to online and PDF documentation via RoboHelp.
  • Secure classified information from DOD technical manuals and naval facilities to create reports that will be used to assess the cost-effectiveness of aircraft weapon systems.
  • Prepare written materials for senior DHS officials.
  • Edit white papers on cyber security; write malware articles.
  • Analyze, design, develop, and test new Java base application features.
  • Maintain corporate tone and voice while maximizing SEO in how-to content.


Who Can Do This Course?


  • Content Writers
  • Marketing Executives
  • Technical Documentation Engineer
  • Configuration and Control Engineer
  • Design /Development Engineer
  • Hardware Engineers
  • Software Engineers
  • Existing Technical Writers.


Top 10  Online Technical Writing Courses in Mumbai With Placements


1. IIM Skills


IIM Skills is one of the leading, well-renowned institutes in India to provide technical writing courses in Mumbai online. Its vision is to bridge the gap in skill development, hence, it is a paramount ed-tech institute. Whether you are an amateur or a professional technical expert perceiving to upskill yourself, the Technical Writing Master Course at IIM Skills is an ideal choice for you to become one.


Positioned in Delhi, this prestigious institution offers one of the best technical writing courses in Mumbai online which you can learn in the comfort of your home. The flexible batch timings give access to working professionals as well.


Course Name: Technical Writing  Course

Duration: 5 weeks

Course Fees: 14,900 +GST


The course is designed and optimized by industry experts with an  overview of the best, most precise technical writing course curriculum which covers:


  1. Introduction
  2. Writing manner
  3. Content conception
  4. White papers and journals
  5. DDLC
  6. Discourse writing
  7. Proofreading and publishing
  8. API documentation
  9. Datasheets and user guides
  10. Case study


And along with that, you also get to discover technical tools such as MS Visio, MS Project, Git, and Scribus.

Other Courses


2. Coursera


One of the most well-known learning platforms is Coursera. It has a library of courses that will teach you everything you need to know about technical writing. The Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology is facilitating this course. It is a flexible deadline online course. The course is 19 hours long and divided into four modules.


This course will teach you how to assess technical document excellence and understand the content approach. Technical definitions, technical documentation, technical report writing, and academic and workplace research will all be covered.


3. Udemy


Udemy could be a top-tier online course supplier, and in and of itself, it provides various vary of technical writing courses. Technical writing courses cowl a good variety of topics, as well as technical writing techniques, document model creation, document model designing, technical document elements, and quizzes and exercises to make sure consistent progress.


This is often one in all the most effective as a result of you may learn everything there’s to grasp concerning technical writing and its advantages. you may be certified once you’ve got completed the course.


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4. Information Developers Foundation


One of the most well-known technical writing courses in Mumbai is Information Developers Foundation. This course is broken down into 15 sessions. Every session covers a different topic, and the final session includes an assessment. You will be certified once you have completed all of the sessions.


The course covers a variety of topics, including technical writer requirements, roles and responsibilities, grammar focus for technical writers, proofreading and editing techniques, and freelancing. You can take trial classes at InfoDev before applying for the course. If you want to take this course, you should take the trial class first. It is one of Mumbai’s most popular technical writing courses.


5. K Buffer


K Buffer facilitates courses like online technical writing courses in Mumbai that are job-oriented. The tutor for this course  Sundaram, GM, CEO, K Buffer has a solid 37 years of experience in training students for this course.


This course starts with an introduction to technical writing and covers all concepts from basic writing to specialist writing. This course is designed, keeping in mind specifically the instructional designers, associate and technical writers, engineering graduates, content writers, and freelancers.


The course is a three-month-long one, and you’ll only need to spare 60 hours for it. You’ll get to learn and upgrade skills on software tools like SnagIT, Microsoft Visio, Adobe Framemaker, and Robohelp.


6. Blue Dots Consultancy


It is a company that provides education and training. This institute provides technical writing courses in Mumbai with a focus on results. The course also covers technical concepts, documentation, and a variety of software tools. Over two months, you will receive hands-on training on software such as Madcap Flare, Adobe Framemaker, Jira, DITA, and many others.


You will be placed in good companies based on your merit. They employ virtual and offsite methodologies. Here is a list of companies that hire Blue Dots Consultancy students:


Samsung, IBM,  HCL, BMC, Oracle, ZOHO


7. Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning (SCDL)


It is a self-contained distance education institute. It educates aspiring technical writers to a high standard. This is an AICTE-approved program that provides theoretical and practical technical writing knowledge. They will train you to become an expert technical writer. The program lasts two years. It is a two-tiered course divided into four semesters.


The first semester focuses on information development, writing style, and editing. In the second semester, students will learn about software tools, advanced concepts, project management in technical communication, and other practices. The fourth semester covers the most recent writing tools, the research process, and the project.


This course has a student-specific fee structure. The course fee is broken down into three parts: application fees, main fees, and examination fees.


8. British Council


The British Council is a global organization that provides workshops for aspiring candidates. They offer short-term courses in a variety of subjects.


Advantages of taking this course:

  • You will learn to create technical documentation.
  • You will be able to create technical reports for the intended audience.
  • You will be able to use standard English in a variety of documents.


This course covers technical communication components, the power writing procedure, overcoming writer’s block, knowing your readers, clear and concise documentation, guidelines, editing, and formatting. You’ll become well-versed in technical writing tips and tricks.


They will assist you in making the right impression on the reader. You can also take courses on advanced business writing, business writing basics, email writing, and many other topics. This is the case.


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9. Techwriter Certification


This technical certification includes a number of courses. They are aware that technical documentation is required in a variety of industries, including IT, healthcare, human resources, business, government, and scientific research. This course has been designed specifically for them. They provide technical training for corporate employees, aspiring technical writers, consultants, and government officials.


They provide the most competent technical writing courses in Mumbai and hold classes both virtually and on-site. They have various levels of certification based on the level of technical writing skills, such as:


  • Fundamental certification
  • Technical writing, editing, and design certification
  • Comprehensive career development certification
  • Certification in professional technical communication
  • Technical documentation certification for structured writing
  • Writers’ certificate program


10. Henry Harvin


Henry Harvin is a well-known educational institute. They provide one of the best technical writing courses in Mumbai with a solid foundation. This cutting-edge program provides both online and in-person training. They will teach you technical documentation techniques in this course. This course includes 16 hours of live instruction, 24 hours of brush-up instruction, and 50 hours of e-learning instruction.


You will work on industry-related projects and learn about tools such as notepad++, Google Docs, snipping tool, Techsmith Snagit, Fireshot, Lightshot, Snagit, Adobe Photoshop, and Grammarly,, Canva, Piktochart, Venngage, Openshot, and VSDC free video editor.


You will receive live online sessions, a CTW certificate, a one-year Gold membership in the Henry Harvin Academy, updated and advanced technical writer material, video recordings of the session, placement support, and a CTW certificate. These technical writing courses in Mumbai help you upgrade your skills and assures placement and support to renowned companies.


Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is technical writing?

It serves a different purpose and has different characteristics than other writing styles. Training manuals to inform employees about their roles, operation guides for tools and products, promotional brochures, online informative articles, and press releases to share a company’s formal news or announcements are a few examples of technical writing.


2. What are the types of technical writing?

There are three main types of technical writing: traditional, end-user documentation, and technical marketing content. Traditional technical writing includes manuals and medical studies. A few examples of traditional technical writing include analysis of legal cases, a summary of medical research and experiments, the standard operating procedures for companies, frequently asked questions (FAQs) for a company, technical specifications, and API documentation.


The end-user documentation covers electronics and consumer products. Examples of end-user documentation are user manuals for phones, how-to guides for laptops, setup and installation guides, and description documents for all types of products that reach the end consumer. The technical marketing content covers the press releases and catalogs. Examples of technical marketing include sales pitches to a new client, informative articles for the web, and case studies on a company’s products.


3. What is the salary of a technical writer in Mumbai?

The salary of a technical writer, fresher lies between 4 to 6 LPA, and the salary of technical writers with an average experience of five to six years is 7 to 9 LPA. And those with significant experience as a technical writer earn anywhere between 12 to 15 LPA easily.


4. What is the purpose of technical writing courses in Mumbai?

Technical writing courses in Mumbai aim to keep your reader informed. It aims to provide all complex information to readers in a way that’s easy to understand. It does not matter if the reader is acquainted with the topic or not; it’ll give end-to-end information about the topic.


5. Who is eligible for the role of a technical writer?

Any candidate holding a bachelor’s or master’s degree in writing, technical communications, English, or a specific technical field in business such as computer science or engineering is eligible. Employers normally choose to pick candidates with a bachelor’s degree in journalism, English, and communications. Technical writing aims to keep your reader informed. It aims to provide all complex information to readers in a way that’s easy to understand. It does not matter if the reader is acquainted with the topic or not; it’ll give end-to-end information about the topic.




Enrolling in any of the technical writing courses in Mumbai on this list will help you improve your skills. If you are new to technical writing, you should be aware of the techniques that are used. As a result, any of these courses will be beneficial to you in the long run. Having support at every step of the way can help you pave the way for a successful career. Regardless of which course you choose from the above list, we recommend that you research the advantages and disadvantages of each course.


It will help you understand what to expect from the course you choose while also determining whether it is worthwhile. One of the guaranteed outcomes of taking any of these courses is that you will. Hope this blog has given you a clear and broader view of the technical writing courses in Mumbai. We wish you all the very best in your learning journey. Keep connected.