Top 3 Technical Writing Courses in Madurai

Technical writing is a type of writing that focuses on the specific reader and provides them with clear and straightforward information. In the business world, time is linked to profit, and profit is the driving force behind all corporate contacts. Between the technical writer and the reader, there is a connection. The writer understands, appreciates, and addresses the value of time in effective and efficient communication by providing documents prepared in precise formats and utilizing unambiguous language to deliver assessable information. As a result, the reader completely comprehends the topic and can respond wisely. This post will help you improve your technical writing skills and inform you about the numerous technical writing courses in Madurai.


List of best technical writing courses in Madurai


Today’s definition of technical writing includes any documentation of sophisticated technical processes. Reports, executive summary statements, and briefings are all available. “Technical writing” refers to any written communication of technical information at work. Manufacturing, engineering, biotechnology, energy, aircraft, finance, IT, and the global supply chain are all examples.


Long user manuals are no longer necessary with this format. Technical data should be streamlined and presented clearly and concisely. Technical reports, correspondence, policies, briefings, and press releases, to name a few, are examples of this.


Types of Technical Writing


Repair manuals, owner manuals, maintenance recommendations, engineering specifications, technical manuals, and reference works are common topics in technical documentation. Because this form of technical writing is targeted at a certain audience, the writer must be aware of the reader’s comprehension level and possess in-depth knowledge of the subject.


End Users Instructions- When you buy software, install a computer peripheral, or acquire a technology gadget or consumer appliance, it usually comes with an electronic or printed user handbook that explains how to use it. Writers of these publications must interpret highly technical facts and convey them in a user-friendly style that a wide audience can understand.


Troubleshooting instructions, assembly instructions, lists of dos and don’ts, warranty explanations, and legal disclaimers are all included in this area. Technical writing courses in Madurai will cover this topic.


Technical Reports- Many technical products offer information on the product’s history, evolution, or structural or operational alterations in addition to instructions and directions. Technical writers organize and edit information for clarity and brevity. Technical writing courses in Madurai will cover this topic.


Research Results- Documentation of findings and interpretations based on laboratory testing or field research is included with products like medications and medical devices. Because this form of technical writing typically includes facts on drug interactions, side effects, and other significant health-related problems, exceptional attention to detail is essential when presenting research results. Technical writing courses in Madurai will cover this topic.


Business Plans- A detailed business plan is required by lending institutions before they consider giving loans to new or established firms. These records necessitate in-depth financial and operational analysis. They include budget predictions, potential losses, and profit margins, as well as competition analysis, marketing tactics, and thorough information on the owner’s professional history and financial stability. Technical writing courses in Madurai will cover this topic.


White Papers  White papers are documents that a company creates for an external audience to help them make choices and solve challenges. They delve into specific issues and offer authoritative solutions that readers are encouraged to implement. White papers are used to discuss a problem and suggest a specific solution, product, technology, or methodology in a variety of industries and business types. Technical writing courses in Madurai will cover this topic.


Case Studies- Case studies are textual assessments of real-world events. They can be on people, groups, organizations, therapeutic procedures, decisions, or events that reflect a period of study on the issue. They try to find patterns in data about the issue that can be used to make generalizations and detect trends. Technical writing courses in Madurai will cover this topic.


Literature Reviews- A literature review can be used as a separate document or as part of a larger report. Literature reviews can be thought of as technical writing that summarizes what is known about a topic. They synthesize and detail prior research and discoveries on a topic, highlighting research milestones, contradicting results, and what remains to be learned through additional research. Technical writing courses in Madurai will cover this topic.


Proposals- Proposals are produced with the intent of motivating an individual or a group to take action. Proposals for grants, projects, product purchases, and particular enhancements to an organization, product, process, or service are all real-life examples.


A proposal must be developed with the intended audience in mind since it must be highly persuasive. The writer must identify the problem at hand as well as articulate (and persuade readers to follow) the recommended course of action. Technical writing courses in Madurai will cover this topic.


Top 3 Technical Writing Courses in Madurai


1. IIM Skills-


IIM-Skills has a well-organized cloud-based Learning Management System (LMS) that its technical staff manages flawlessly. All session recordings, weekly assignments, and Question & Answer sessions are updated regularly and can be seen at any time. After 20 hours of main lectures, internship lectures, internship possibilities, special tutorials, and doubt clearings are available.


They also assist in the creation of digital portfolios, which can help you promote yourself and earn a decent job or freelance writing employment. The finest aspect of IIM-Skills is that they provide students with lifetime access to the recordings as well as team support.


So, whenever you have a doubt, a misunderstanding, or a dilemma, you may always contact them. Online live classes are conducted using the Zoom application, for which candidates are provided with a link through email. Live examples, Q&A sessions, incoming examinations, and practical assignments abound in the classes.


Following the completion of your Technical Writing Course and internship, you must pass the test to acquire significant certificates: IIM-Skills issued a completion certificate Technical writing necessitates a writer’s technical proficiency in not only grammatical skills and technical knowledge of the topic or subject but also in vocabulary and inventiveness.


IIM-Abilities assists in the development of all parts of technical writing skills through the weekly tasks they assign and the comprehensive checking that follows. Their brand partners include well-known organizations such as American Express, Accenture, Philips, Flipkart, and Facebook, to mention a few.


The Times of India, The Statesman, India Today, DNA, Mid-Day & Primetime are the media partners. Overall, we can say that IIM-Skills has made a name for itself among online professional courses over the previous 5 years, and Technical Writing Course is one of them, where it has also excelled and achieved the top spot in the list.


Other Courses


2. Udemy– 


Though Udemy offers a variety of Technical Writing Courses, the one titled “Professional Technical Writing: Advance your Writing Skills” is the best, according to the “CourseMarks” website, with a score of 9.4 out of 10. Dr. Michael Curtis, the founder of CourseMarks, declared that this course is in the top 4% of the thousands of courses he has examined.


This course includes 107 lectures, over 6 hours of video, plus a weekly email with writing tips, ideas, and tutorials. The training also includes 22 exercise sheets with solutions sheets to assist us to improve our technical writing skills. It also includes six PDF ebooks and forty PDF additional papers.


Candidates who enroll in this course like the fact that there is no deadline for completion. The developer also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, demonstrating their faith in the content and knowledge they rely on. A certification will be provided after completing the program.


The Course Entails the Following-

  • How to develop a document template?
  • Basic technical writing methodology and a few pitfalls to avoid
  • Technical document components
  • What is the best way to write a documentation plan?
  • How can I make an index?
  • How to use tables correctly in documents
  • How to choose and annotate photos
  • How to use flowcharts correctly in papers
  • Important future technical writing trends
  • Go over your final assignment again.
  • Some numerous quizzes and exercises include answers.


On Udemy, you may find a variety of technical writing courses to suit your interests and expectations. In general, if you follow all of the instructions and work as directed, the courses will meet your needs and satisfy you. So, when it comes to technical writing courses in Madurai and across India, this platform offers numerous benefits.


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3. Henry Harvin


The course teaches specialist composing skills, that area unit needed for human activity data gathered throughout a cycle of specialized or check work. The amount of data within the language and concepts delivered is set by the course elements.


The course conjointly covers a couple of linguistic, design, style, and content challenges that you simply could come upon whereas presenting your analysis findings. The Course details are mentioned below. It provides one of the best Technical writing courses in Madurai.


9 Courses in One

Ø  Live online interactive room sessions with two-way oral communication for thirty-six hours

Ø  The Course provides Projects in Documentation method, Technical Writing Code Tools, and additional area units on the market.

Ø  Internship helps to achieve active expertise with topics learned.

Ø  Henry Harvin is a well-renowned and government-recognized institute, that offers certification in Certified Technical Writing.

Ø  100% placement and warranted support for 1 year following prosperous completion

Ø  Access to a large variety of tools and techniques for e-learning, furthermore as video content, quizzes, and different resources

Ø  Bootcamps persevere daily for forwardly subsequent twelve months.

Ø  Access to AskHenry Hackathons and Competitions.

Ø  For the Certified Technical Writing Course, get a 1-year Gold Membership to Henry Harvin Writing Academy


Benefits of the Course-

1. Be alert to scientific communication ethics.

2. Ability to write down elaborated analysis proposals

3. Examine and distinguish between numerous forms of literature reviews.

4. Communicate technical details effectively to a non-technical audience

5.  Ability to write down a thesis and journal analysis papers

6.  Contour your writing method to provide a higher-quality document in less time.

7.  Find out how knowledgeable writers use English expressions to write down clearly and compactly.

8.  Perceive what to write down in every element of a hunt paper.

9.  Produce unflawed citations in seconds with free code.


Technical Writing Skills


  • Your Product Is Clearly Understood and Known

The most critical skill for effective technical writing is a thorough understanding of your product. This comprises:

  1. product features
  2. its main goal and the solution it offers
  3. performance, stability, and other non-functional features of the product
  4. replacement, repair, and troubleshooting


Technical writers do not need to be knowledgeable about internal components, design aspects, or other aspects of the product because they see it as a black box. Consider Facebook: you’d need to know the Facebook FAQs, but not that Facebook is written in PHP, C++, and D programming languages.


You only need a full understanding of common questions like “how to post on Facebook,” “how to add friends,” and so on. However, there is an added dimension to interacting with other software products when it comes to technical documentation for software platforms. In these circumstances, some understanding of the product’s interfaces (hardware interfaces, software API) is required.


  • Thorough Understanding of Your Product’s Sector

Technical writers, unlike entry-level software programmers, find it difficult to transition from one business to another. This is because tech writers must grasp how products function and products cannot function in isolation. They are frequently used as part of a bigger solution in a certain business domain.


If tech writers plan to work for similar firms and products, subject expertise is an advantage. Companies should provide technical writers with a product knowledge training approach, and writers should take responsibility for fully understanding their product offers and industry.


  • Mastering the Communication Channel

Document booklets are included with physical products. PDF documents for installation, usage, and maintenance may be included with on-premise software systems. User documentation types such as in-context web help, FAQs, pop-ups, and embedded films could be included in SaaS products.


Newer technology trends, such as augmented reality (AR), are finding their way into product tours, help centers, and documentation. Google Street View is an example of how help information is superimposed on the product itself. The user’s relationship with the product determines the mode of communication. A technical writer must understand that the manner of communication is determined by the user function, not the other way around.


  • Working Knowledge of Popular Technical Writing Software

A technical writer may be requested to do activities such as document management, layout design, writing, and audio-video editing. Each of these duties can be aided by tools, some of which are free and others that are not. The proper software tools will be required depending on your company and product characteristics. These articles on the finest technical writing software and technical documentation software are excellent places to start.


  • Graphic and Web Design Fundamentals

Technical writing was unsophisticated until recently, and documentation was created using simple text editors like Notepad. New, innovative documentation and writing tools, on the other hand, make it a point to include new interactive learning methods in their layout, such as interactive visuals, in-app advice, and improved UX/UI navigation. Understanding the fundamentals of graphic design and web design is a technical writing talent that will set you apart in 2021.


  • Research Abilities

Being a good writer for any sort of writing requires knowing how to research a topic well enough to become an authority on it. Technical writers are included. Technical writers must have a thorough understanding of their product and target audience, which can only be achieved by thorough research and analysis. It also entails a thorough understanding of data analysis and how to display and record data that can withstand scrutiny.


  • Collaboration and Working as a Group

Teamwork is an essential skill for any professional’s success. Working well with your team entails having open lines of communication with programmers and developers to completely explain the ins and outs of your product. It involves working with your project managers to create transparent timetables and meet deadlines.


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Alternate Career Path for Technical Writers


You would agree that technical writing is a successful career with high income, but there comes a moment where you must improve and expand your area of knowledge. This is not exclusive to technical writers; in fact, it applies to practically every profession, except film and politics.


You’ve learned several new abilities along the way, such as people management, meeting facilitation, project management, listening, usability, and content marketing, which can help you land the new job that you want.


  • Program Manager– If you’re confused between a project manager and a program manager. A program manager is in charge of a program that may consist of several projects. The role of a program manager is to plan and manage a program. He is also in charge of ensuring that the program’s product/outcome is completed successfully. Because his job is mostly operational, he must have both technical and managerial skills. Practical experience aids him in managing and comprehending the software.


  • Business Analyst– If you’re trying to figure out the difference between a project manager and a program manager. A program manager is in charge of a group of initiatives that make up a program. A program manager’s job is to plan and oversee a project. They are also responsible for making sure the program’s product/outcome is delivered on time. They need technical and managerial abilities because their job is primarily operational. Their practical experience helps them manage and understand the program.


  • UX Designer- The user experience is the responsibility of UX designers. They are concerned with the product’s overall feel. They create a path for the product to flow systematically. They perform user tests to observe people’s behavior since they want to provide a better user experience to new users. They employ Photoshop, Sketch, Illustrator, Fireworks, and Invision to construct a particular design to deliver a terrific user experience.


This was in short about the alternate career options and a piece of detailed information about the types of technical writing, skills, and the various technical writing courses in Madurai.




1. What is the basic qualification required for technical writing?

Candidates with a bachelor’s degree in English, communications, journalism, or a similar discipline are often preferred by employers. Candidates pursuing technical writing positions may need to be knowledgeable in a technical discipline such as engineering or computer and information technology.


2. What is the average salary of a technical writer?

Rs. 600000 per annum.


3. Is technical writing a reliable career option?