Top 7 Prominent Technical Writing Courses in Delhi

Are you looking for a technical writing course that would be worth your time and penny, then you have landed on the right gate. Here we have got you and your search an end as in this article, you will get a detailed list of some of the best technical writing courses in Delhi but before that, it is important to understand a career as a technical writer from its basic edges. Let’s start:


List of best technical writing courses in Delhi


Who is a technical writer?


In layman’s language, a technical writer is a skilled and specialized person in the tech field. We can call a technical writer a technician in words. Just like a technician helps us while physically present, a technical writer helps us through his words.


For example; once or often, you might have stuck on any new electrical appliance or even on your android; what did you probably had done then? Most likely, you had googled your android problem or read out the user manual guide for an electric appliance. What are they and who produces those so simplified instructional books for us?


Technical writers of course.  From this very common household example, the definition of a technical writer is simple. Technical writers are writers who develop and maintain technical content, documents, user manuals, reports, or any kind of informative, instructional guide (educating material).


They give us a clear guide to operating something or we can say that they help us communicate with different technical facets surrounding us. Exactly when we fall in need of any complex or digital solution, we kind of run to technical writers in form of a google article or a hard copy of a user manual.


A Career in technical writing


The time of pandemic has for sure exhausted the economy and lives as well which will take time to replenish but also this time has given an edge to many digital industries. Technical writing being no exception is booming.


It has proved to be a quite lucrative career and according to the study of Bureau of labor statistics, the job outlook of technical writing (2020-2030) is 12% which is a higher percentage than the average. So, undoubtedly, technical writing promises one a good passive or active income source (depending on your abilities) and also gives exposure to learning new technology with time.


What are some good job profiles under the field are listed below? Because there are different types of technical writing formats, the area of job profiles expands.


Types of technical writing


  1. Traditional technical writing: It includes writing repair manuals, medical papers, scientific documents, professional reviews, and reports.
  2. End-user documents: It includes help guides, product user manuals, step-by-step instructions, assembly guidelines, or technical short books.
  3. Technical marketing content: It includes white papers, pitches and proposals, brochures, catalogs.


Various job profiles under technical writing:


  1. Technical content developer
  2. Document specialist
  3. Manual writers
  4. Product guide writer
  5. Technical communication specialist
  6. Content strategist
  7. White paper writer
  8. Medical writer
  9. Senior technical assistant


This means a career in technical writing is rewarding. Technical writers like other digital workers are sought after people in the modern emerging digital era.


The role of a technical writer


There are many vital roles of a technical writer. Writing in the tech field can be a meticulous task as it is about simplifying and providing an easy/ clear guide out of complex technical things. So, writers play a significant role in communicating with the audience.


Being a technical writer, one is required to have the necessary skills to play significant roles, a shortlist of which is compiled below:


1. Understanding what your audience wants: The foremost role of any writer, not just a technical one is to comprehensively figure out his audience’s demand. Conveying the nitty-gritty of high-tech or complex subject matter with utmost ease owes to the prominent role of a technical writer.


This can only be attained if you as a tech writer know the right strategies to communicate with your audience concerning their technical problems.


2. Be a tech-savvy person: Clearly, the word ‘technical’ itself asks for a nice command over technology. If you aren’t a person big on troubleshooting complex problems either digital or generic, forget the idea of a technical writer. Curiosity acts as a cornerstone here.


The more you are curious to solve tech problems, think the better and more effective content guide you can create for your audience. Keep yourself updated with new technology coming in the market, be a researcher and explore unique methods or tricks enticing readers as technology has a lot more to give than our mere knowledge.


3. Basic knowledge of technical terminologies and web design: Because recent time has put forth the usage of web tools in tech writing as well, having basic knowledge of web designing can be fruitful. Examples include HTML, CSS, UX etc. Knowing the jargon of the field is indispensable.


These were some basic skills and now coming to roles/duties of a technical writer. Technical writers contribute to manifold industries like medical sciences, engineering, business, and websites. So, their roles may vary with the work field.


  1. Researching and writing technical information
  2. Developing manuals and related documents
  3. Update or maintain the technical data
  4. Review or supervise the content created
  5. Write user documentation, white papers
  6. Writing pitches and proposals for business
  7. Writing product manuals and helping books
  8. Working with tech staff like graphic designers and web developers.
  9. Designing documents, charts, infographics, etc. using various tools.
  10. Collecting feedback from the audience and improving technical documents.


Having discussed the field, let’s talk about the roadmap to becoming a technical writer and what else than a course can assure you that? Go ahead if you are someone in search of technical writing courses in Delhi.


There are abundant courses specially designed for learning technical writing.




The leading online institute IIM SKILLS has been the first choice for aspirants of the digital sector for many years. Along being a training provider in digital marketing, content writing, etc, the institute ranks in the category of best technical writing courses in Delhi.


The technical writing course is delivered by well-qualified mentors having years of industry experience which can easily be seen in the reviews, the institute has earned. This very well-designed course promises to shape your technical skills into a lucrative career.




  1. Couse title: The technical writing master course
  2. Duration: 4 weeks
  3. Mode: Live online classes
  4. Email:




  1. Introduction to the basics of technical writing
  2. How and what to research
  3. Writing content using infographics, charts, and other design types
  4. Effective report writing
  5. White paper writing
  6. Journals
  7. Datasheets
  8. Documentations
  9. Medical papers
  10. User manuals
  11. End user documentations
  12. Product help guides
  13. Product reviewing
  14. Analyzing your audience
  15. Using high-tech tools like UX and XML
  16. Publishing


IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite




  1. 4 weeks convenient live online classes: learn from anywhere
  2. Practical assignments: take the real feel
  3. Develop your portfolio
  4. Lifetime assistance
  5. One month internship
  6. Hands-on assignments
  7. Freelance opportunities
  8. Certification 


Other courses by IIM SKILLS


2. ECT


ECT is a recognized educational institute in the digital sector and provides one of the best technical writing courses in Delhi. Having helped many industry professionals to rise in the corporate world, the institute promises to provide effective and practical learning in technical writing as well.


There are other considerable courses like digital marketing, content writing, skill development. The comprehensively designed technical writing course comes with many features helping alumni to get an in-depth study experience.




  1. Course Title: Technical writing course options 1 and 2
  2. Mode: Live online classes
  3. Duration: 3 months
  4. Email:




  1. Fundamentals of technical writing
  2. Writing style, formatting of technical writing
  3. Information architecting
  4. Markdown language
  5. XML
  6. JAVA script object notation
  7. Software documentation
  8. API documentation
  9. Writing different technical documents (reports, medical papers, manuals, etc.)
  10. Career trend in technical writing
  11. Learn various tool applications




  1. 32 hours live training
  2. 50 hours e-learning video material
  3. 6 home assignments
  4. Work on live projects
  5. Quizzes
  6. Internship option
  7. Consultations and feedbacks
  8. Free demo class
  9. Recognized certification


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3. Pure Trainings


Pure trainings is another trusted training provider in technical writing courses in Delhi. They are a subsidiary of a renowned software company and have been helping clients to enhance their software and business-related orientations.


The software company has various programs in the subject of mobile application, technical writing, and business analysis as well. Their technical writing course is well designed that solely focuses on industry demands and employability.


Key highlights:


  1. The institute provides career guidance before enrolling the aspirants so that the best-suited course can be assigned to them following their previous knowledge. For example beginner-friendly program to absolute beginners and professionals to the industry people.
  2. Industry professionals and subject experts on board deliver the knowledge effectively hence ensuring best teaching practices.
  3. The use of new software arrivals always provides an edge to learning which the institute ensures and implements in their teaching and infrastructure as well.
  4. Adding to the perks, the technical writing course comes with placement assistance. The software company has established a renowned name in the software market so, but best practices to provide placements to the willing aspirants.
  5. International accreditations with top-notch software companies make the institute surpass its rivals and prepare aspirants to get globally recognized with internationally accredited certifications.


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NSTC is another good name for technical writing courses in Delhi. The institute is apt in providing advanced education in the nanotech and business field. NSTC is centered on bringing light to nanotechnology and hence spreads awareness and educates aspiring technical writers as well.


There are different courses all under the nanotech field. The e-learning training hub has emerged as India’s premier organization to have been teaching students about nanotechnology and marketing.




  1. Course Title: technical writing course
  2. Duration: 6 months
  3. Email:




  1. Overview of scientific and technical writing
  2. Main components of scientific and technical documents
  3. Basic English writing skills, grammar, editing, proofreading
  4. Analyzing audience
  5. Documentations
  6. Various tech tools like MS office, epic editor, frame maker, etc.
  7. Report and proposal writing
  8. Book design, technical graphs, and charts
  9. Manuals, user guides, scientific papers
  10. Conclusions and revision


Key highlights:


  1. Experienced mentors
  2. Scholarship based on academic ability
  3. Live online interactive classes
  4. Practical learning
  5. Hands-on projects
  6. Assignments and evaluation


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5. Information Developers Foundation


Information developers are one of the great institutes in the list of technical writing courses in Delhi. The training hub is run by a single mentor who is highly experienced in the technical writing industry and has helped many aspiring people to settle well in their careers.


The training hub is guiding students for more than 10 years earning quite positive feedback. The technical writing course by the institute is great to learn the subject and free workshops are also there in the courseware.


IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite


6. Coursera


Coursera is a very wide online educational platform known for offering a wide range of short digital or other courses. One can find the best-suited technical writing courses in Delhi or anywhere on Coursera and learn on own pace. The courses are completely online and divided into different modules.


Quizzes and assignments will help you to touch the practical aspects as well. The course videos are available all time plus get a shareable certification.


7. Henry Harvin


Henry Harvin is a renowned name in the digital education sector for, seven years. The institute has well established its presence in the market by helping numerous people to learn industry skills and make booming careers. The technical writing courses in Delhi offered by henry Harvin are indeed worth considering.


There are more than 200 courses in the range and excellent staff promises industry professional teaching. All their courses come with many industry features. The technical writing course is also aptly designed to suit beginners to intermediates or even existing industry people.




  1. Course Title: Henry Harvin technical writing course
  2. Duration: 32 hours live online classes
  3. Email:




  1. Introduction to technical writing
  2. Documentations
  3. Step in technical writing
  4. Basic Grammar and editing
  5. Using technical writing tools
  6. Formats of technical writing
  7. Creating technical document
  8. Advanced software in technical writing
  9. Soft skill development
  10. Resume writing


Key highlights


  1. Quality pedagogy
  2. Live online classes
  3. An in-depth 9 in 1 course
  4. Guaranteed internship
  5. Gold membership for 1 year
  6. Hands-on projects
  7. Master certification
  8. Job support




Q1. Is technical writing a very good career?

yes, technical writing as a career is flourishing as the content and marketing industries do. Recent surveys have revealed that the technical writing job outlook is growing at a faster rate and is the second-highest-paid job in the US.


Q2. What basic tools should I know before enrolling in technical writing courses in Delhi?

Mostly, all the technical writing courses in Delhi or anywhere provide basic knowledge of various tools but for better grip, one can learn some graphic tools(illustrator, photoshop), video tools( Camtasia studio, ScreenFlow), page layout tools( MS Word, Framemaker).


Q3. How beginner technical writers can get a job?

Today, finding a job for beginners is not hard as there is plenty of websites or companies that accept freshers. Some good job searching platforms can really land beginners to actually work as a technical writer.


Q4. Can I become a technical writer without a technical background?

Of course, anyone who is from a non-technical background can become a technical writer with the right knowledge and training. Considering a course will lead them to a good start.



Having technological knowledge at present is indispensable other than taking a course’s perspective. We live a technical life from manifold senses and hence technical writing as a subject has been on the rise since the time technology is on the rise and will so. Thinking of a passive or active career as a technical writer can turn out to be great only if one has the right capabilities and nitty-gritty of the subject. Considering technical writing course may assist you from scratch. Above is the compiled list of the best technical writing courses in Delhi.