IIM SKILLS Financial Modeling Course Review

In this article, we are going to look at The IIM SKILLS Financial modeling course to review the components so that it helps you to make an informed decision on whether it is an ideal course for you. Hopefully, this analysis will facilitate your journey to becoming a successful financial modeler.


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IIM SKILLS is an institute of repute offering varied industry-oriented, job-specific practical courses that include digital marketing, content writing, Business Accounting, Taxation, and GST, among others.


With IIM SKILLS financial modeling course, they aim to help finance students and professionals embark upon a greatly successful career in the world of finance as financial modeling experts. 


But first, let’s learn a little about financial modeling. What do we mean by financial models?

Financial Modeling is a method that is adopted by business organizations and implemented by finance modelers to understand the performance of the business through key financial statements (Balance Sheet, Cash flow statement, income statement) and historical data. This information is then analyzed thoroughly and with the help of spreadsheet software like MS excel takeaways from that information are collated to help decision makers with knowledge of the company’s financial health. 


It is to be noted, that every industry requires financial modeling today to make sagacious decisions regarding the future of the organization. Whether it is mergers, acquisitions, acquiring stocks, or investing in capital, Financial Modeling expedites the process of unraveling the true financial status of the business to make these crucial choices. 


IIM SKILLS Financial Modeling Course review – An Analysis 

The IIM SKILLS financial modeling course is a virtual training program that incorporates 3 months of intensive learning in Financial Modeling and valuation. With 50 plus hours of lecture, 4 live projects, 5 + case studies, and more than a hundred hours of practical assignments, this online financial modeling course prepares you to excel in the world of finance by understanding the nitty-gritty of financial modeling. 


It is a well-curated, structured curriculum designed by industry experts with more than decades of experience in the finance sector. The financial modeling course at IIM SKILLS gives you an edge over your competition by providing a guaranteed internship and soft skills training that includes interview skills and resume preparation. 


The internship is provided with partner firms that IIM SKILLS has a tie-up with. These finance firms specialize in investment banking, financial modeling, and valuation. The course incorporates intensive learning of MS Excel which is one of the most important spreadsheet software for financial modelers. 


The financial modeling training program at IIM SKILLS is a 100% practical-oriented course that helps you with tips and strategies to excel in your job in the finance industry. The course comes with excellent features like lifetime access to a learning management system, Master certification, placement assistance, an experiential learning process, and a 24/7 online help desk.


The course curriculum is as follows: 

  • Fundamentals And Advanced Concepts Of Excel 
  • Accounting Concepts 
  • Financial Statements 
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI Analysis)
  • Basics Of Financial Modeling 
  • Types Of Financial Models 
  • Business Valuation


The topics covered in these modules are enumerated below

  • Understanding Of MS Excel 
  • Keyboard Shortcuts 
  • Macros 
  • Table Functions 
  • Data Presentation 
  • Data Validation 
  • Number Formatting 
  • Conditional Formatting 
  • Dynamic Dashboards 
  • Text To Column Functions 
  • What If Analysis 
  • Scenario Manager 
  • Return Functions 
  • Key Accounting Concepts 
  • Fundamentals Of Financial Statements 
  • Understanding Different Concepts Including Revenue, Direct Cost, Operating Cost, Depreciation, Goodwill, Depletion, Cash Flows, And More 
  • Annual Report 
  • Management Discussion And Analysis 
  • Preparing Common Size Financial Statements 
  • Notes To Accounts 
  • Comprehensive Income 
  • Financial Modeling Structure 
  • Creating Scenarios 
  • Preparation Of Schedules 
  • Projecting Financial Statements 
  • Financial Modeling Best Practices 
  • Understanding Errors And Tracking Errors 
  • Key Formatting Tips 
  • Financial Summary 
  • 3 Statement Projection Model 
  • Merger And Acquisition Model 
  • Private Equity Return Model 
  • 13-Week Cash Flow Model 
  • Relative Valuation 
  • Discounted Cash Flow Valuation 
  • Blended Valuation 
  • Nav Approach 
  • Valuation Report 
  • Presentation And Preparation Among Others


This financial modeling course will help you with gaining conceptual clarity in financial Modeling and important financial statements.


You learn the different concepts of MS Excel to create robust financial models that will help people to understand the financial position of the business. Reading and analyzing financial statements is of the utmost importance and this course will delve deep into that.  


You will learn to analyze competitors and will become an expert at creating financial models by providing crisis management tips, offering solutions to the issues plaguing a business, and recommending key changes for the betterment of the organization. 


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Some of the skills that you acquire in this course are as follows: 

You will imbibe critical analytical skills that will help you to analyze the company’s financial statements. Also, you will have an exhaustive analysis of the competition and what steps the business can take to increase profits and make favorable changes to the organization.


Apart from this, the IIM SKILLS financial modeling course will also offer you training to develop your communication and presentation skills. You will become adept at creating MS Excel documents, understand how to create impeccable strategies for the business, and will be a prolific financial modeler offering advice and techniques to implement business valuation modules. 


You will learn to collate historical data to glean the most important information about the business from financial documents. This will enable you to predict the future performance of the business and offer solutions.


You will also have a thorough understanding of Excel formulas and how to implement them for your financial models. 


There are some important Excel tools that you will work with and become familiar with. For example sorting, filtering, data importing, data validations, and a variety of Excel formulas are included in the course. 


What will you gain from the IIM SKILLS financial modeling course?

You will become competent at handling complex financial data of an organization and will skillfully structure data that is relevant to the business organization for financial models. 


IIM SKILLS financial modeling course will not only equip you with understanding the financial markets and regulations of India but will provide you with skills to analyze financial markets globally. Key concepts will become clearer to you giving you a strong foundation to analyze financial marketing with accuracy. 


IIM SKILLS’ LMS is available for 24*7 access on any device of your choosing. You can access it from mobile and tablets as well and experience hassle-free experiential learning. 


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Details of the important features of the IIM SKILLS financial modeling course: 

1) Master Certification

IIM SKILLS offers you a master’s certification after you pass the examination. This master’s certificate is industry recognized and you can link it on different portals including LinkedIn to look for relevant job openings.


2) In-depth Curriculum

Needless to mention, the curriculum is in-depth and covers all the fundamentals and advanced concepts of financial modeling as well as MS Excel. Once you enroll in the course, the curriculum will provide you with all the necessary updated information in the finance space for you to keep abreast of recent developments. The practical assignments are regularly assessed by mentors who give you invaluable feedback on your progress.


3) LMS Access

The learning management system is one of the favorite features of IIM SKILLS students. You get access to the learning management system and all its features as soon as you register for the course. Notice that this learning management system is available to you for lifetime Access for free. There are also no limits to the number of times you can access the learning management system. Once you are part of IIM SKILLS, the learning management system comes to you accessible anywhere at any time of the day. 


4) Flexible Schedules 

With students as well as working professionals comprising the candidates for this training program, IIM SKILLS has a flexible scheduling system. This enables you to upskill and learn at your own convenience without having to worry about canceling or making changes to your prior commitments. 


5) Expert Mentors 

IIM SKILLS financial modeling course can boast of instructors with several years of experience in the finance sector. They are regular consultants for eminent business organizations and regularly offer tips, strategies, and solutions to business executives. These instructors understand financial Modeling in-depth and help you to glean as much information as possible on financial models and how to ideate and implement financial models for the success of a business. 


6) Learning Resources

The learning resources comprise materials and case studies that help you with intense learning of financial models. You become well versed with the different terms, concepts, jargon, and glossaries that comprise both financial models and MS Excel. Invariably this fortifies your knowledge and you are quick to pick up any changes happening in the finance domain. 


7) Free Demo Session

After you go through the financial modeling course details and you still have doubts and are not satisfied you can talk to an expert and ask for a free demo session to help you understand exactly how the courses are conducted at the institute. This demo session is meticulously prepared to give your overall idea of the way IIM SKILLS has designed its curriculum and pedagogy.


8) Additional Benefits 

Apart from all the features mentioned above, IIM SKILLS offers a plethora of complementary advantages that include backup classes, query resolution sessions, mentor assistance, and job referrals among others. 


There is ample soft skills training incorporated in the curriculum that helps you to gain conviction in your capabilities as a financial modeler. IIM skills also give you incisive training on how to create a tailored resume for the job you are applying for and the company you apply to. 


These benefits are extremely essential for any institute to offer to its students since merely learning about financial models is not enough. Anyone who wants to make a rewarding career in financial modeling will have to consider developing great communication skills and become confident to be able to have a favorable impact on potential employers. 


Whom Is This course Aimed at? 

The course is an excellent fit for anyone with an innate love for Finance related topics and fields. You should remember that finance is a vast subject encompassing a lot of complex elements. Therefore, it is going to be ideal for someone with a knack for numbers. Since financial modeling majorly deals with formulas, numbers, and spreadsheets you are likely to find it overwhelming if you are not inclined towards subjects like mathematics, statistics, economics, business economics, mathematics, etc. 


Keeping this in mind, the course is excellent for commerce graduates, finance professionals, engineers, statisticians, mathematics graduates, economists, Business administrators, company secretaries, chartered accountants, etc. 


Process of Enrolment and Certification

1. Registration In The Course

The first step is the registration process. After you are satisfied with the course curriculum, duration, and the different benefits of the course, you can register at the IIM SKILLS website. As soon as you register, you will get access to the learning management system along with the learning resources, case materials, and updated information. You can explore the learning management system and go through the curriculum and reading materials before your class commences. 


2. Choosing a Batch 

One of the things that you have to consider after registering for the course is to select a batch that is convenient for you. The institute offers weekend and weekday batches for students and professionals so that you can upskill conveniently without any worry. 


3. Minimum Attendance

70% attendance is compulsory to appear for your examination. Since some of you might not be able to attend the live classes IIM SKILLS allows your attendance for the recorded classes that you attend. 


4. Examination

After completion of the course, you will be asked to appear for an online examination. You have to score a minimum of 50% or above to qualify for the certification. The soft copy of your online certificate is available to you within 15 days from the date of your exam. 


5. Certification

Now that you have the master’s certification from IIM SKILLS financial modeling course, it will open up several avenues allowing you to unfold your wings and start your exciting journey in the world of finance. Along with tailored resumes, the certification will strengthen your chances of getting the desired financial modeling job. 


6. Internship

Completing the course is 50% of your aim fulfilled. Next is your quest for a guaranteed internship. Based on your performance in the exam and overall assessment of your skills, you will be offered an internship for investment banking companies and in financial modeling specialist roles with organizations that collaborate with IIM SKILLS. In case of any query or doubt, he can always ask the mentors or the chief admission officer for guidance. They will offer you accurate advice to help you secure the right internships. 


7. Placement Assistance

Your Master’s certificate offers you the opportunity to get your foot in the door in this fiercely competitive finance sector. IIM still has a committed placement cell that will help you shortlist relevant jobs that you will excel in based on your skills. They will provide you with ample career guidance to give you clarity on how to appear for interviews and fortify your communication skills. 


8. Soft Skills Training 

Soft skills training is a major part of the IIM SKILLS curriculum. The institute helps you build customized resumes and Portfolios to showcase your skills. You also develop confident speaking skills and communicative skills that will help you to put force your points on prospective employers with full conviction. The soft skills coupled with your acumen as a financial modeler will guarantee that you get a lucrative job designation in coveted organizations and Financial institutions. 


9. Freelancing/Start-up Options

Conversely, you can also choose to set up your own agency and start freelancing work for companies, Financial institutions, and individuals offering your financial modeling skills to create viable financial models for their benefit.


Your expertise in financial modeling can also help you bolster your skillsets and get better opportunities in your current employment. You can offer financial consulting and start your own business offering financial modeling services for diverse sectors and varied niches.


FAQs on IIM SKILLS Financial Modeling Course


1. What are the 3 prime advantages of the IIM SKILLS Financial Modeling Course? 

The three prime advantages of enrolling in the IIM skills financial modeling course are the learning management system, the quality of the curriculum, and the post-course help that goes a long way in shaping up your career as a finance professional. 


The institute not only offers you lifetime free access to the learning management system, but the curriculum is top-notch with skilled mentors. The assistance is exemplary offering you, not just a 24/7 help desk, but soft skills training and career guidance to propel your career towards success. 


2. What is the average salary of a financial modeler with a few years of experience? 

The average salary of a financial modular with 3-5 years of experience can be anywhere from 8 lakhs and above. It all depends on your merit and ability to show results to clients and to help them solve their problems smoothly. 


3. Why should I choose financial modeling as a career option? 

The opportunities that present themselves in a financial modeling career are huge today. It has become a global phenomenon with a variety of reputed institutes offering impeccable financial modeling courses. Financial modeling helps in gauging the condition of the business that, in turn, helps make crucial decisions by the top leaders. Analyzing financial statements and creating a consolidated financial model can help to paint the true picture of a company’s strengths and weaknesses and help make decisions based on that. 


Hence financial modeling has been in huge demand for the past few years and it is only going to increase in the coming years. Choosing a financial modeling career in these times is a judicious decision for finance enthusiasts. 


4. Will I learn Excel in-depth in a financial modeling course? 

Yes, IIM SKILLS financial modeling course ensures that you learn the fundamentals and advanced elements of MS Excel with complete clarity to be able to create financial models effectively. 


5. What should be my top 3 priorities while selecting a financial modeling course? 

Three of the most important things to consider when zeroing in on of financial modeling course are the curriculum which includes practical assignments, case studies, and learning resources available to you, and the credibility of the mentors since this is a very in-depth subject to cover, and the assistance provided after your course is complete. 


Concluding thoughts on the IIM SKILLS Financial Modeling Course 

Here we have tried to delineate the top qualities of the IIM SKILLS financial modeling course to give an overall perspective of how the course is conducted at the institute and what comprises this very exhaustive training program. 


All the important criteria like the syllabus, practical assignments, projects, case studies, learning materials, mentor qualifications, the process of registering for the course, post-course help and assurance, and additional features have been covered giving you an overall idea of the training pedagogy. As a student, you should first jot down all the qualities that you need in a financial modeling course and then go through the curriculum of the institute to see if it matches your criteria. 


Register for the IIM SKILLS Financial Modeling Course Demo session if you need clarification on anything pertaining to the course, pedagogy, or faculty. The course is highly rated and offers all the components that make for a true financial modeler. Check if it aligns with your preferences, talks with the experts at the institute, and then decide on enrolling in this highly intensive training program.