Top 5 Renowned Financial Modeling Courses in India

A financial modeling course in India is one of the most sought courses that will land you in any financial job forcefully. The current scenario demands more knowledgeable people who can not only understand but also, decipher, decode, analyze, forecast, and give a consolidated result of the company for which it is being done. It is a challenging task but is something that you must take a plunge into to get a rewarding career. This course is going to provide you with a lot of avenues in the financial industry.  So it is a must course for them who wants to be there.


List of best financial modeling courses in India


What is the Financial Modeling Course in India All About? 


As the name depicts, financial modeling is about delving, forming, and coming up with the financial figures of a company for a certain period, that can be used by multiple stakeholders for various purposes. The financial modeling course in India is used by investment bankers for valuation purposes, raising funds, forecasting the future performance of the company, its place in the industry, and also its performance vis-à-vis its peers in the industry.


As we saw, financial modeling though specifies a single concept however its applications are varied. It is used by the stock exchanges too for the stock price calculation. Internally, it is used by the management of the company to see how is the company’s performance and how and where is it heading as per the planning.


So, the course considers all the nitty-gritty of the company in numeric terms that will give an accurate picture to all its stakeholders. The course considers and gives first-hand knowledge into the valuation using the DCF (Discounted Cash Flow) method, valuing Mergers and acquisitions, comparable company analysis, and credit rating model.


Why It Has Been the Most Demanding Course Nowadays?


Every business needs to see the current picture and forecast based on both the historical performance and so also the present one. The financial modeling course in India is a very practical-oriented course that shows all the related data in tabular and graphical form.


Because of its inherent uniqueness in the style of presentation, it is very appealing and automatically becomes the first choice for the management to get all the requisite information in one place. Every industry and so also the company is data-driven these days. And financial modeling course is complete data science behind the valuation of a company.


At every point time, before taking any significant decision of a company it needs to look at the data, what it says, how were they earlier, how they look now, and whether will they give the desired result in the future. So, all these are invariable inherent measures of the financial modeling.


This gives a most lucrative and highly rewarding career option in the long run. The particular sub-fields that anyone can pick spread from corporate finance to equity research to venture capital funding to any other branch of investment banking and each of them themselves has a lot in them to learn from, implement and move ahead in the career ladder.


The Next Question is It of the Same Importance at a Time Both to the Fresher and the Experienced?


The model is generally prepared for a particular company under a specific industry so that the analyst performing the modeling task will have better control of providing accurate and valuable insight. So the experience that someone experience gathers over a period simply cannot be compared with that of a fresher.


So what is there for a Fresher? A fresher entering into this field can try their hands at learning, making their concepts strong in a single industry after performing in at least 4-5 companies.


Why Financial Modeling Course When There Are Other Lucrative Options in Finance Available in the Market?


Building financial models and doing a valuation are the two ultimate values and results that anyone can expect out of the course. We have multiple areas in finance like credit analysis, ratings, alternative investment, and portfolio management to name a few.


If you see them closely then you come to know to perform any part successfully you need to have an idea of how the product is doing in the marketing and its valuation and then only you will be able to reach the right decision and provide the right guidance. In this course, the complete course structure follows a step-by-step approach


  1. Take the financial statements of at least three to four years from history and so also the current one(if available)
  2. Put them in Excel
  3. Project the financial statement based on the historical figures and take their ratios
  4. Do the comparative analysis in the industry
  5. Take the discounted rate
  6. Find out the valuation using the formulae


So we can say that doing other higher courses post doing this will make concepts more clear. And DCF valuation using financial modeling in itself will be your foundation for further courses.


Is Recruitment by the Companies Guaranteed Post Doing the Financial Modeling Course in India?


The recruitment depends on a couple of factors when you are completely a fresher passed out from the college.


  • What is your hands-on experience in doing the valuation of any company?
  • How many companies have you completed doing financial modeling for?
  • The accuracy of the result
  •  How much clarity, comfort, and confidence are you doing analysis
  • How long due to take to complete a single model?
  • How far will you be able to perform under pressure?


The above mentioned are some of the factors that any new entrant must consider before and during applying for any financial modeling and related investment banking jobs. You should always bear in mind that it is a very practical-oriented course. Every time you need the real data to run and complete the projection, ratio calculation, and valuation.


A couple of your inherent qualities come to the forefront here and they are your analytical capability, problem-solving, and decision-making. As a job seeker, you should always proactively look for and connect with the corporate persons involved in a similar field. It builds your network and you will get to know the exact requirement and happenings in the field. 


Secondly, if you have not got yourself a job, then you must check with the corporate people to give you some work that you may do for them at no cost but with all knowledge. Further, you can put this into your resume at a later stage.


Find here the excellent Online Financial Modeling Courses 


Which All Companies or Industries Hire Financial Modeling Professionals?


Even though the financial modeling course in India is done for all most all the industries however the task is performed by a selected few mainly by a few of the industries like the financial and research-based industries, KPO, etc. The reason is quite evident is, that it is their forte to understand the industry, its drivers, and its key matrices, recognize the economic patterns, and then come up with an accurate model.


Companies and Industries That Look Out for Trained Candidates in the Financial Modeling Field in India Are:


  • The big fours(KPMG, E & Y, Deloitte, and Pricewaterhouse Coopers)
  • Rating agencies (CRISIL, ICRA, Moody’s)
  • Investment banks
  • KPOs
  • Financial services


Even after perusing an MBA or equivalent degree people opt for this course as this gives you a hands-on experience on the spot and you get ample opportunities from the training institute‘s faculty to practice more and clarify their doubts. Companies directly pick from the tied-up institutes themselves to make the process smooth and fast and get the requisite skillsets they look for.


Current Job Market for Financial Modeling Course in India:


When you hear the term job market, then it means how is one or more than one job demands, supplies any gap, and fills the same. The financial modeling course in India is mostly for the finance people, those who have done professional and recognized certified courses and have a flair to take up the challenge and work.


The demand for such people is always high in the market even the aftermarket in itself is volatile. Every company is on the lookout for people who can accurately find out their risk categories and work towards them. As finance people are always into solving problems by crunching those numbers, hence their requirement is always skyrocketed.


How Does Your Background Work and Keep Yourself Ready During Financial Modeling Course in India? 


Like playing the game chess, this too needs a lot of your mental energy and alertness. It might happen that you would have already completed doing the model and because of a small error, everything you need to start from scratch. So you need to be very mindful of each small and big input.


Your pace of working and juggling also comes into the picture. If you are a very slow-going person, then chances are there you might end up finishing a particular 14-hours modeling job in30 hours or so which your company cannot afford.


The Necessities That You Must Work on During and After the Course Completion Are:


  • Work and improve your analytical skill from quantitative and qualitative data
  • Be conversant with numbers and play confidently with them
  •  Learn the basic to semi-advanced functions of excel sheet, excel key shortcuts


Career Avenues Post Pursuing Financial Modeling Course in India:


Each course sets the career in a particular direction. Similarly, the financial modeling course also opens your options to the world of investment banking. Investment banking is a heavy-weighted term in itself which is heard for that top 1% of the cream level of people being passed out from the premier colleges.


So is it not possible for any other person to get into the very field? If you are keen to get into that then you have to work very hard for that to get in, sustain, compete and get across the ladder. The intention is not to scare you but to bring the real picture to the front.


If you are a fresher, then you need to come up with to showcase that you can take up the challenge and perform on the spot. Certification in this regard is a mere vehicle to get you to the door of the interviewer, but later you have to prove that yes, I stand by whatever is expected out of me here. 


So you should first choose your favorite industry in which you have worked and come up with the valuation part. You can’t be apt in every industry though.


You Can Look for Land a Work Opportunity as:


  • Equity analyst
  • Research Analyst
  • Investment banking analyst or associate
  • Financial analyst or manager


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List of Top-5 Institutes Providing Financial Modeling Courses in India and Have Given the Placement for the Students:


Keeping the growing demand for this course and the most rewarding career ahead many institutes have come up with flagship programs in this field.


1. IIM Skills


IIM Skills has made its place in the professional course area by its sheer expertise and always going that extra mile to provide extra value to its students at any and every instance. It ensures that all the critical skills like analytical, problem solving, and building financial models strategically using financial statements followed by the systematic approach to arrive at a valuation.  


2. EduPristine:


It is a reputed name in the industry providing professional and job-oriented financial courses to both fresher and experienced ones. It provides both online and offline courses for the benefit of the students. The weightage of its certificate is recognized across the globe.


The trainers are the hand-picked top performers in their industry. EduPristine’s financial modeling course has a different and unmatchable value and position altogether in the market. It provides the Financial modeling course under the flag


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3. IMS Pro School:


Sensing the gap in the demand and industry needs, IMSPro school came up with its Financial modeling program that can be used in equity research, investment banking, financial planning and analysis, credit analysis, and project finance.


It follows an active learning methodology for the usage of excel and the related calculation of project finance, financial planning and analysis, credit analysis, etc. It is the only institute in India or probably abroad providing dual certificates. 


4. The Wall Street School:


They have a very different approach when it comes to both training and charging. They just accept 40% of the course fee at the beginning and the rest 60% post-course completion. That is the level of confidence they have in their course and training and the subsequent placement.


They bring experienced ex-investment bankers and ex-consultants onto the program to bring and solve real business problems. Their course has been structured in such a way starting from the basics of financial concepts to dealing with excel to leverage buyout to company valuation that no student will feel any miss in between.


5. CFI Education:


The Corporate Finance Institute’s internationally appealing course caters to a diverse background of students having a degree in bachelor. Apart from providing both online and offline course-related classes, they put equal emphasis on soft skill improvement, CV building, interviews, and placement, and also the students undergo a month-long practical training of building a real model for domain expertise.


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Course Details of Financial Modeling Course in India:


  • Financial concepts
  • Excel sheet usage in Finance from basic to intermediate and the advanced form for valuation
  • Business and financial modeling
  • Comparable company analysis
  • Discounted cash flow valuation
  • Leverage buyout
  • Merger model preparation and valuation
  • Project Finance  
  • Company profile and pitch book


So your options should not end here as many institutes have shown up their online presence strongly. Institutes and their experienced faculties are always there to facilitate your learning and journey but in the end, it is you who is going to channel it. If you are not very clear about the career option or anything about that then the dedicated institutes always have their staff or support function to help you with that.




1. What if I will not be absorbed by any company post doing financial modeling course in India?

It is understood that many times it happens that even after you finished your certification still you don’t get your profile shortlisted on the desired company and you don’t get a call or so. In that scenario, you should never get disheartened, keep practicing yourself and polish your skillsets. Make sure that you never leave any gap or any doubt not cleared, believe me, it is going to take its toll. To keep yourself updated on the field and industry, you can always check with the institute or on the internet what is going on, the expected interview questions or the favorite questions asked, etc. You can form or join a group on WhatsApp or any other social media where people of similar interest will be found, believe they will drag you automatically, and will keep you on your toes all the time.


 2. Is it a gate pass to enter into investment banking field?

The answer to it is mostly yes as in the market to date it is the readily available and short-duration course that can at least give you one entry point to investment banking. You may say there are globally recognized certifications like CFA or CMMA which too can be helpful for us, but within a period of 3-6months, this certification will only help you around.


3. Does the Financial modeling course’s certificate validate you as an investment banker and does the institute assist in providing the placement?

No, the certification will not title you as an investment banker but certainly, it will open the flood gate for you to explore, learn and grow in your career. Almost every institute guaranteed an internship and then is followed by the placement but the onus lies on the individual candidate to how diligent and capable he or she is to be adequate, take up the work in the right direction, and solve the problem and present it in the desired manner. Keeping in touch with the batch mates, faculties, and institutes’ representatives will always keep you in the front row. But you should not restrict yourself till that, go an extra mile. Check-in your social media groups, post on Linkedin, share your learnings there, and always stay curious. 


4. What is the validity of the certificate provided by the financial modeling course in India? 

The financial modeling course in India certificate is valid for life long, but the earlier you make use of it and put it into real-life experience, the better it will be for you to implement the concepts studied. Nonetheless, many updates come on to the very field frequently which you need to keep yourself updated about so that you will be never out of track. 


5. What if I will not be hired by any company during the validity period of the certificate?

As earlier mentioned, this does not have a validity period, however, if you are unable to place yourself sooner or within a year’s of time, then there are high chances you get sidetracked and tend to lose interest or so. Here perseverance is the key. Be proactive and approach your group to assist someone in their assignment of modeling free of cost. This will show your hunger for pursuing your dream career.