5 Best Digital Marketing Courses in Pune in 2022 (Updated)

Today’s world is fully digitalized, and this world relies heavily on marketing. Considering the gravity of the post-Covid situation, the companies and brands have started to promote their content on the internet. If you want to conquer this digital marketing industry, then start by enrolling yourself in one of these best digital marketing courses in Pune.


List of the best digital marketing courses in Pune


Since the world has become technologically advanced, people have become dependent, especially on electronic gadgets. To market their product, various brands have started to rely on the processes involved in digital marketing. Today’s fast world demands individuals especially talented in marketing and promoting content. That is why digital marketing courses are in high demand these days.


The course will not only provide the learners with necessary information about Search Engine Optimization or Search Engine marketing that plays a very important role in the industry of digital marketing but also provide them with more job opportunities.


It can be considered that digital marketing will occupy a vital space in this digitalized world and its popularity will increase day by day. With this increasing popularity, digital marketers will also be in high demand.


Companies are hiring efficient digital marketers each day. So, if you want to pursue digital marketing courses in Pune, but cannot decide which one to opt for, this article will help you in finding the best institution that will provide you with all the possible benefits.


5 Best Digital Marketing Courses in Pune


  1. IIM Skills:


Considering all the skills required to build a career in the digital marketing industry, it is acclaimed that IIM Skills provides learners with the best digital marketing courses in Pune as well as the best digital marketing courses in Bangalore. The reasons that must be mentioned to justify its popularity are as follows:


  • Live Classes: IIM Skills provides all learners with the best possible online class experience. The mentors prioritize the safety of the learners and also ensure that pursuing the course is convenient for the learners. They arrange for 4 hours of live online lectures and trains the students in various aspects of digital marketing.


  • Online Projects: IIM Skills ensures that all the students are participating with equal enthusiasm and attention. They ask the students to participate and complete small assignments and projects after the training session is over for the particular day.


  • Case Studies: The mentors leave no stone unturned to provide the students with successful training and learning experience. In between the lectures, they also make sure to give practice examples on that particular topic of discussion. They introduce the learners to various methods and techniques that renowned personalities have implemented to rank their content. This helps the learners to get a clear idea about how to implement the methods to serve the purpose.


  • Access to Tools: Since digital marketing is a skill-based course, the learners have to utilize a lot of tools to create content and to optimize them, and make them SEO friendly. IIM Skills provides the learners with lifetime access to many such tools at zero cost. So that they can utilize them whenever they find it necessary.


  • Certification: This is one of the vital reasons to rank IIM Skills as one of the best digital marketing courses in Pune. After the completion of the digital marketing course, the learners will be provided with a course completion certificate that will help them in the future to build a successful career in the field of Digital marketing as a certified marketer.


  • Additional Certifications: The primary aim of IIM Skills is to guide the students in the right direction and enabling them to establish a strong foundation in their respective fields. Apart from the course completion certificate, IIM Skills also helps the students to prepare for 13 other certification courses and provides them with all the necessary assistance to make them job-ready.


  • Internship: It provides all the students with the necessary platforms so that they can showcase their talent as digital marketer and put it to good use. The internship opportunity provided by them has helped a lot of their students to gain confidence about their own capabilities and opting for more opportunities to implement their learned skills.


  • Platforms: The learners will get the opportunity to publish their articles or content in famous magazines and newspapers like the Times of India. As an intern, it is an incredible opportunity that a student can get to put their skills to good use. The learners will be inspired to work even better and engage in healthy competition. This will only help them to come up with unique and creative ideas.


  • Letter of Recommendation: IIM Skills also ensures that efficient learners get proper opportunities to showcase their talent and skills. The most efficient students will be provided with letters of recommendation so that the journey towards success becomes a bit easier for them and they get the priority in the job market.


  • Placement: IIM Skills also provides all the students with the necessary guidance and assistance to get placement after the completion of the course.


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  • Personal Attention: This is one of the biggest factors that make IIM Skills one of the best digital marketing courses in Pune. It is a nationally and internationally acclaimed institution because of this reason as well. They provide all the students with equal attention and guidance. They make sure that the students are attentive enough by asking them to write short articles while the mentors host the live online classes. They also evaluate the writings properly.


  • Assignments: All the students must complete all the assignments given to them before they can join the internship. This is to make sure that all the students are equally enthusiastic about pursuing the course and evoke a sense of responsibility in them.


  • Podcast: After completing the digital marketing course, the learners can launch their own podcasts on popular platforms like Google, Apple, and Spotify. This is an attempt on part of the mentors to enable the students to implement their learned techniques to market their own products.


  • YouTube: By creating a YouTube channel, the learner can further explore the world of digital marketing. When the primary duty is to learn the methods for marketing products, there can be no better platform than YouTube to learn and market products at the same time.


  • Demo Class: Students are invited to attend a demo class without paying anything so that they can get a clear idea about the industry of digital marketing and know about the basic features and benefits of joining such courses.


  • Recording: Each live session is recorded by the mentors so that the students can access the details of a lice session anytime, anywhere.


  • LMS: Learning Management System records every online session, live lectures, pending assignments. This organizes the entire process of learning.



Reviews and Testimonials


The image reflects the relevant reviews of IIM Skills Digital marketing course by students


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  1. IIDE:


This is also known as the Indian Institute of Digital Education, which is famous for its digital marketing courses in Mumbai. Moreover, being an online platform, it is considered one of the best digital marketing courses in Pune. The reasons are mentioned below.


  • Customization: The biggest advantage of pursuing a digital marketing course from IIDE is that their curriculum is flexible. It is not rigid as they believe that everyone is unique in their own way and everyone deserves to learn in the best suitable way. They prioritize the convenience and individual learning capacity of the students and modify the curriculum accordingly.


  • Conciseness: Their course module and syllabus are usually very precise and to the point. They do not want to burden their learners with unnecessary additional information about digital marketing. They keep the process of learning this new skill simple and short.


  • Relevance: Their course is always designed considering the updated market demands. They make their students learn only the primary, important and relevant information and techniques of digital marketing.


  • Online: They arrange for online classes and lectures so that the students can join the course from anywhere in India. Considering the current situation, it is highly beneficial for the students to join these online courses.


  • Methodology: One of the reasons that make IIDE one of the best digital marketing courses in Pune is the techniques and methodology implemented by them to train the students. They utilize the most advanced methods and techniques to teach their students and ensure they get the best out of this course.


  • Certification: In today’s job market, having a certification is highly prioritized. The certified candidates will definitely have a better chance to crack a job.


  • Doubt clearing sessions: IIDE conducts a weekly session where the students get the chance to clear all their doubts regarding the topics already discussed. This helps them to share their own thoughts or opinions on the respective subject and also come up with unique ideas that can help them to explore the creative world of digital marketing.


  • Placement: They also offer the learners the necessary assistance to get placements and provide particularly efficient students to get placements after the completion of the course.


  • Projects: All the students are provided with projects and assignments that they must complete before they can get the certificates. Once they have completed all the assigned projects and their assignments are evaluated properly, only then IIDE will provide them with a course completion certificate. This invokes a sense of responsibility and professionalism in the minds of the learners.


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  1. Digital Vidya:


One of the reasons that rank it as one of the best digital marketing courses in Pune is its demo class. The other reasons are mentioned below.


  • Demo Class: Digital Vidya offers the learners the opportunity to take part in their free demo class on digital marketing. This will help them to get an idea beforehand about what they are going to learn. Attending this demo class will cost absolutely nothing. But the students will have a clear idea about the world of digital marketing, how this industry works and what to expect after joining digital marketing courses.


  • Online Class: They provide the students with live online classes and make them actively participate in the class. The learners can also interact with the mentors and clarify their doubts regarding the topic already discussed.


  • Recordings: At the end of each live training session, the students will be provided with the recording of the class. If a student is unable to attend a particular class, this recording will help the particular student to know about the topic discussed in that session. The recordings also help the learners to revise the things they have learned or to memorize something in the case, they have forgotten. The students find this feature especially helpful and consider Digital Vidya as one of the best digital marketing courses in Pune.


  • Internship: The students get the opportunity to work as interns and gather practical working experience in the industry of digital marketing.


  • Certification: After the completion of the course, all the students will get a course completion certificate and can pursue their journey to establish themselves in the digital marketing industry as certified marketers.


  1. NSDM Institute:


The institute deserves to be mentioned as one of the best digital marketing courses in Pune because of the plethora of benefits it offers.


  • Software: Digital marketing is such a course that demands a lot of technical skills and the learners need various software to successfully implement the marketing techniques. NSDM provides the learners with unlimited access to various software at no additional cost.


  • Project: The projects are assigned to the learners so that the mentors can assess individual talent and skill in this field. This also enables them to work on a variety of subjects and boost their confidence and skills at the same time.


  • Case studies: By introducing the learners to real marketing campaigns, the mentors help them to gather experience and also provides them with appropriate scopes to learn.


  • Domain: NSDM offers free domain to the students for a limited amount of time so that they can be habituated with the practice of marketing their own content.


  • Hosting: NSDM also provides the students with free hosting for their websites and encourages them to post regularly on their websites.


  • Marketing: They provide the learners with detailed analysis and knowledge about how to market their content.


  • Certification: All the learners are provided with the course completion certificate at the end of the course.


  • Strategies: NSDM follows unique methods and techniques while delivering lectures to the students. They believe that before learning a new skill, the students must be properly introduced to this field and learn from their own experiences. That is why they provide the learners with assignments to complete and the unique teaching methods mark NSDM as one of the best digital marketing courses in Pune.


  • Method: They prioritize the practical experience of the learners and that is why the mentors encourage the students to create unique content from the very beginning and make them promote their content by themselves. Implementing this ‘trial and error’ technique proves to be highly beneficial for the students. They learn better in this process.


  • Analysis: After promoting their content, the students are asked to analyze the process, their shortcomings in performing the task properly, and to measure the success rate. This helps the students to learn from their own mistakes and perform better. NSDM definitely offers one of the best digital marketing courses in Pune.


  • Online: The digital marketing course provided by NSDM is an online course and students can join at their own convenience.


  • Self-paced: Learners are special in their own ways and NSDM never discourages their students. They believe everyone learns uniquely and nobody can force the learners to learn fast. This will not serve the real purpose of learning. The students here can pursue the course whenever it is convenient for them.


  • Interactive: The classes conducted by the mentors of NSDM are primarily student-oriented. The students are active participants in the class and share their own views and knowledge. Thus, they help each other to gather more information.


  • Tools: The students are provided with the opportunity to utilize various tools free of cost and perform in a better way.


  • LMS: Learning Management System records all the data regarding online classes, the recordings, student performance, and the assignments to be completed. This helps them to learn in a more organized way.


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  1. Digital Trainee:


This offers one of the best digital marketing courses in Pune and the features that are worth mentioning are explained below.


  • Practical: From the very beginning, the mentors make their students work on different projects so that they can get a hang of the techniques implemented to market the content.


  • Theory: They also teach the students about the theories involved in the process of Digital marketing. This provides the learners with all-around experience and knowledge about the industry.


  • Assignments: The assignments are designed in a way that will inspire the learners to engage in a healthy competition with each other and improve their performance day by day.


  • Job-ready: All these projects assigned to the learners and the experience they gather while working on different projects, help them immensely to understand the market demand and prepare themselves for the job market accordingly.


  • Placement: The most efficient students get placements at the end of the course and all the students get the necessary placement assistance and guidance.


  • Internship: Before getting placements, the students get additional opportunities to increase their work experience by joining internships.


Frequently Asked Questions:


  1. What is the best digital marketing course?


  • A lot of institutions are offering digital marketing courses these days. But among all of them, IIM Skills deserves a special mention because of their organized and advanced teaching methodology. Besides that, they offer various platforms to their students to implement their learned skills to good use.


  1. What is Digital Marketing?


  • The learners learn about different marketing techniques to market their products by joining a digital marketing course. They learn how to promote their content on various social media platforms by making their content SEO friendly.


  1. Is digital marketing difficult?


  • To build your career as a successful digital marketer you need to learn some basic skills and also learn about various technologies in detail. The marketers need to be experienced and well-learned about SEO and SEM.




With the increasing popularity of digital marketing courses, the competition between potential digital marketers has also increased. All of them are fighting for the best opportunity to showcase their skills and talent.


If you want to become a successful digital marketer, you have to learn about the various marketing methods and techniques in detail. Also, you need to master the required skills needed to become an efficient digital marketer.


If you get the scope to work as an intern or you get placements after the completion of the course, then you will come across numerous job opportunities.


But to learn all these and to get the scope to work as an intern, you need to be very careful about joining a digital marketing course. You should check all the benefits provided by different institutions before enrolling in a course.


In this article, I have mentioned the names of the institutions that offer the best digital marketing courses in Pune. This will help you to join the best digital marketing course so that you can build a successful career in this industry.