Top 4 Digital Marketing Courses in Egypt with Placements

Egypt is one of the countries that is witnessed the earliest developments in terms of literature, architecture, and culture. This land of pharaohs with its capital as Cairo is open to knowledge. Contemporary education is way too different from the primeval education system. In the concurrent situation, individuals thrive to enhance their skills than limiting themselves to books. Digital Marketing courses in Egypt are the courses that allow an individual to explore beyond scriptures. These courses seem to have recently gained preeminence. 


List of best digital marketing courses in Egypt


With the globe taking an online shift, the market turns towards the virtual world. People today are heavily invested in the internet be it mentally or spiritually. Many renowned industries like textile, apparel, pharmaceuticals, medical, healthcare, automation, automotive, packaging, etc operate online.


These popular businesses have a national as well as international customer base. Hence, to trade globally, we have to have an understanding of the e- platform. Here, the digital marketing course comes into the picture. You may be in any part of the world, your product can reach the targeted audiences with correct marketing practices. 


Though everyone’s after this eminent course, is there any drawback of it? We aim to tell you why you should not invest in digital marketing courses in Egypt. Before jumping onto the demerits, let’s have a quick overview of digital marketing. 


What is Digital Marketing?


There was a time when people knew not of the e-commerce business. People used to visit markets physically and buy things they like from the shops. However, it is not the same today. For the past few years, the masses enjoy being at home and shopping through their phones, laptops, desktops, etc.


This practice has brought recession in the physical market. Shops, small businesses, local vendors had to undergo a huge loss. But not anymore. As everything around you is stepping up at the digital platform, these businesses also thrive to be available online. Thereby, a business that operates online or marketing that takes place on the digital platform is digital marketing. 


Also called internet marketing, digital marketing is a practice wherein marketers approach customers using e-platform. This actively demonstrates that the commercialization of goods and services digitally is a significant attribute of e-marketing. So, whenever a company launches a product it needs to spread awareness among the masses.


There is no better place than the internet to quickly connect to the world. People spend most of their time online, so use this platform to tell them about your product. With access to the web world, it takes a fraction of seconds to reach out to the public. All around the globe, people of every age group are using the internet.


Traditional businesses used banners, hoardings, pamphlets, etc to promote their products. Nevertheless, from renowned business to a startup in the concurrent situation advertise online. This is the easiest and fastest way to spread the word about the newly launched product. The motto behind marketing is to reach the maximum number of people possible in a minimum time.


While marketing in the offline world would cost you an arm and a leg, online marketing will be cost-saving. In place of newspapers, magazines, or radios, individuals depend upon social media, newsletters, and blogs to know the current affairs. This is why every business targets e-platform to advertise their products and services.  


Hope now you have got an idea about what is digital marketing. Also, why it is important in the present world. Let us now move ahead and acquaint ourselves with the digital marketing courses in Egypt. 


What To Expect From The Digital Marketing Courses In Egypt?


Digital marketing courses in Egypt have provided many businesses with a boost. This platform proves an unbeatable revenue generation source. Due to the same reason, almost every company is investing in digital marketers. Thereupon, there is a huge demand for digital marketing professionals in the market. It is a brilliant job opportunity in the coming years. For aspiring candidates, here’s what to expect from the digital marketing courses in Egypt.



Blogging is a prevalent method of jotting down the qualities of your product. A blogger uses his/her wit and describes the various attributes of a good or service. Most businesses delve into the practice of blogging as the audiences enjoy reading blogs. Blogs are informative pieces of content that are put ahead of the features of any commodity.


Generally, it explains the idiosyncrasies of the brand in the layman language. This is the first method using which we appraise the customers about our products. We can generate a certain amount of potential leads by writing blogs.


  • Content Marketing


Content Marketing is nothing but a play of time and strategy. It is a method using which we share relevant content so that the audience can find it either entertaining or informative. The key is to know that people only invest in information or entertainment. Thereby, being aware of what is worth the time and energy of the masses can be a savior.


Any company, that is dealing with people should have strong content marketing. As soon as you market your product with the right content at right time, you are certain to gain potential clientele. Using content marketing strategy has shown increased sales, enhanced profits, and genuine clients. 


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Search Engine Optimization is a technique that enables you to optimize your content in a way that leads to the search engine. A search engine is a portal where people look for multiple things and ask questions about anything and everything possible. Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc are widely acknowledged and used search engines.


Google is the most popular call for maximum search engine optimization. It is a natural human tendency that we do not want to land upon anything average. Following this very psychology, we can figure out that 80% of people wouldn’t switch to page 2 on Google.


Thus, everyone is battling to rank on the first page of Google. However, Search Engine Optimization rules are difficult and technical to abide by. So, those who can meet all the SEO requirements, rank on Google. 


  • Social Media Marketing


Social Media is one of the areas where you can connect to a large number of people in a click. Studies show that 90% of people use social media daily. Out of this statistic, 70% of people are rarely inactive. Thus, you can understand how grim it is to target an audience using social media.


Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Twitter, and Pinterest are some of the social media platforms where you can make a profile and advertise your product. This platform is more suitable for B2C ventures. Since the second COVID wave, you must have witnessed how religiously people followed any trend that comes up on the internet.


From dalgona coffee to sugar cosmetics’ lipstick trend, social media has popularized everything. Imagine what wonders can it do if you advertise on social media. Putting your money in social media marketing is a wise way of digital marketing. 


  • Google AdWords


Google AdWords is a paid service where google shows your advertisement on different websites that hold a large number of organic traffic. Here, every advertisement that google puts on your behalf is chargeable. This practice is best suited for startups or for a business that fails to attract customers due to some reasons.  It is an easy way to broadcast your product. Sometimes, we intake google AdWords just to increase the customer reach. 


  • Apps Marketing


As proud tech-savvy, we have enslaved ourselves to technology. For every little thing, we are dependent upon one or another technological application. This is where the tycoons attack their targeted audience. Look at your phone, scroll through the pages and you would discover that on average you use between 5-10 applications daily.


These days you certainly would have noticed how these apps urge you to take their paid services. It is because you would get to enjoy ad-free services. However, there is only 25-30% population that uses paid services. Rest, we all are surviving through the ads.


There are multiple businesses that are earning in six to seven digits because of these ads. So, apps marketing is an effective strategy. Text ads, Gif ads, video ads, pop-up ads, sponsored ads, etc are examples of apps marketing.


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  • Youtube Channel Marketing


Do you remember, how at your young age you landed up on youtube and watched some video? But you were clueless about how it functions and what it is about. Talking about the present video, you find your life hard without youtube. Connecting to an individual through video is a better way than making him read something that you’ve written.


People find videos more connecting because they can see the expressions which are not possible in written content. More and more individuals are shifting to youtube. Hence, we can comprehend the sobriety of youtube channels. Youtube channel marketing comprises the advertisements that appear while you are watching any video. A small video that ends in 10 seconds and has a catchy tagline is best for youtube marketing. 


  • Email Marketing


While some people consider emailing as the traditional method of approaching clients, others use this portal for all sorts of communication. In email marketing, we create a template and do a mass mailing with the relevant content and a product link. These emailing templates are totally call-to-action oriented.


Say, you receive an email that shows beautiful home decor items and below that image, there is a link. You will instinctively click on that link and reach a landing page from where you can purchase the product. This technique is suitable for both the customers and the firms.


This saves the time of buyer and helps him make the decision. So, when you enquire about the digital marketing courses in Egypt ask what all topics are they covering. Also, make sure that you have a general idea of the topics stated above. This knowledge will keep you from sounding naive.  


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Top 4 Digital Marketing Courses in Egypt


1. IIM Skills


IIM Skills is one of the renowned online portals that offers various professional courses. Their digital marketing course is one of their highly sought-after courses. The best part about IIM Skills is that you can enroll in any of the courses from any part of the world. This is possible because it is an internet-based educative platform. The course tenure at IIM skills would be three months. 


Digital Marketing Course Curriculum:


Let us take a quick glance at what all do they cover in the topics to be covered in the curriculum of digital marketing. 


  • Search Engine Optimization 25 Hours
  • Content Writing 30 Hours
  • Email Marketing 15 Hours
  • Google Adwords 10 Hours
  • Micro Video Marketing 10 Hours
  • Affiliate Marketing 10 Hours
  • Social Media Marketing 15 Hours
  • Web Development 15 Hours
  • Hands-On Assignments 120 Hours. 


This curriculum further breaks into modules and assignments. They will be offering hands-on practical assignments and paid internships too. 


Other Courses


2. IIDE 


IIDE, the digital school has recently received an honor of ‘the best digital marketing institute’ from the World Education Congress Awards 2021. IIDE has a student base across the globe. Learners from the UK, USA, UAE, Canada, and many other countries depend upon IIDE to upskill themselves. These are the online digital marketing courses in Egypt platform that swears by 13+ certifications to its candidates.


Topics to be covered in the curriculum-


Without wasting much time, let us understand what all will IIDE offer in the digital marketing course in Egypt. 

  • E-Commerce Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • How to Monetize Your Blog
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Google Ads
  • Content Marketing
  • Advance Content Strategy
  • Design Essentials
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Brand Reputation Management
  • Web Analytics
  • Creative Strategy
  • Media Planning
  • Soft Skills
  • Email Marketing
  • App Store Optimization (ASO)
  • Website Planning & Development
  • AD Psychology
  • Copywriting


3. Canadian Chamber Of Commerce


As a non-profit organization, the Canadian Chamber Of Commerce in Egypt is moving with the objective of coordinating social events with businesses. Further, they are thriving to develop a harmonious relationship between the businesses in Canada and Egypt. The course will continue for six weeks. Not only will this course allow you to become a groomed digital marketer but also enabled you to develop managerial skills. 


Topics to be covered in the curriculum-


Before enrolling in this course, they would like you to know all the modules they will be covering in this course. Enlisted below are the topics to be covered in the curriculum-


  • Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Search Engine Organization
  • Google Ad Words & Analytics


4. E-marketing Egypt


E-marketing Egypt is a popular institute in the Middle East. They focus on providing some of the brilliant pieces of training in the domain of digital marketing. Their curriculum is developed in a way that the candidate would get to study advanced digital marketing strategies. It prepares you for the world outside and provides you with certain tips & tricks to beat your competitors. 


Topics to be covered in the curriculum-


Before delving into the course, They journey you through the concepts that E-marketing Egypt would be covering in their digital marketing course. Here is the list of topics they will focus upon-


  • Discovering The Tools And Techniques Of SEO 
  • Understanding Search Engine Algorithms 
  • Making SEO Friendly Websites 
  • Keyword Research And Analysis 
  • Competitor Analysis 
  • Content Optimization And Link Building 
  • Increasing Website Visitors 
  • Increasing Online Sales. 




1. Who can do a digital marketing course?

An individual who is willing to market anything be it a product or a service online can do a digital marketing course. If you feel certain about bringing awareness among people of your service or commodity, you should do digital marketing. 


2. How can I determine which digital marketing courses in Egypt are suitable for me?

All the digital marketing courses in Egypt that you would come across would try to lure you with one or another thing. Nonetheless, before taking a decision go through the syllabus and curriculum of the course carefully. Also, check the faculties’ background and the number of practical assignments to take. Validate from various sources about the certificates which you will receive once you’ve completed the course. 


3. What are topics that we cover in digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a vast concept. This basically tells you how you can market your product on different digital platforms. Thus, the topics that we cover in digital marketing include blogging, content marketing, search engine optimization, social media marketing, Google AdWords, apps marketing, youtube channel marketing, email marketing, etc. 


4. What are the points to remember when indulging in digital marketing?

Digital marketing is not rocket science. Still, a few points to remember when indulging in digital marketing consists of having a website that has a few visitors. More visitors would mean a great website. Additionally, be religiously active on the digital platform. Try to solve a problem using your expertise and tell people more about your services.  




To sum up, everything that has been stated so far we bet you found the course tempting and worth your time. There is no reason as to Why You Should Not Invest in Digital Marketing Courses in Egypt. Hurry and get yourself a seat booked in this trending course.