5 Best Content Writing Courses in Mumbai in 2022

Yes, you budding writer, congrats to you. Finally, after looking for content writing courses in Mumbai from the sea to the slums of Mumbai, you have landed great nourishing sea shore content. Let’s compliment your dedicated research by diving into this compelling content. This journey is as interesting as the famous Mumbai Juhu beach.


updated listings about the content writing courses in Mumbai                                                     

 Don’t you think that Mumbai is already having a lucid content market in terms of the Bollywood and writing industry? Yes, you click it right, I am talking about copyrighting, SOP writing, scriptwriting, and melodious lyrics writing. Here we will go for the 5 best content writing courses in Mumbai. So that you all can furnish and polish the dream of content writing in this small star city.


What is Content Writing?


Before looking for the 5 best content writing courses in Mumbai, let’s have a short ride on content.


 Exactly everything is content under this sun. Yes, you heard it right. The picture you’re seeing, the text you’re reading, the audio you’re hearing everything lies in the content category. Now you must be relating why it has such a booming market. In this pandemic era where the whole world is inclined towards the digitalized world, we should also put our best horses in this race. 


Content writing is the soul of this divine content industry where writing skills and observations work in collaboration. Here you have wide opportunities to battleground your writing skills like


[1] Email writing 

[2] SOP writing 

[3] Copywriting 

[4] Brochure

[5] Resume and CV writing

[6] Product description.

[7] Niche writing 

[8] Video script writing 

[9] Creative writing 

[10] Advertisements 

[11] News writing 

[12] Book writing 


And many more. You will have oceans of writing when you enter this industry. Sharpening your writing skill and learning some skills will make you the ruling king of this grooming content market. And lastly, blogging can make millions for you. It has great potential to set you in the content industry.


What Job Can You Expect After This Course?


After completion of this lucrative course religiously, you will have a handful of jobs in your hand. Few options are:


[1] Blogging: – As already mentioned, this is the secret of content writer stamina. Yes, this is a boost. Always blog around your interest. If you do have not any such interest, then try to blog on health, lifestyle. For this, you also have to be digitally skillful, like with SEO, domain and hosting.

It requires patience and time as it takes time to rank your website or blog. Further, you will be able to monetize it.


[2] Freelancing: –This is best for short-term income when you are doing some part-time job. You can do freelancing till your blog ranks. Upwork and Fiverr are good platforms for freelancing, but you require a good portfolio for that. Your blog can bring up the very first client for you. Learn what is freelancing and how you can benefit from starting your own freelancing business. 


[3] Contacting Various Agencies: –In whatever niche you want to write just search on google and make contact with popular agencies through the mail. Make sure you send your portfolio to them. This way you can get a chance to work with a big agency and you will also learn about affiliate marketing, Google AdSense, and many more in the course.


Criteria You Should Look for Choosing the Best Content Writing Courses in Mumbai.


[1] Demo Classes: – Every premier institute provides demo lectures, go through that very extensively and raise your every doubt during the demo. Analyze the doubt-solving energy of mentors which will ultimately define your growth. Churn out 200 percent of demo class and the most important point is never to judge your mentor.


[2] Outline Of Course: -Course should have proper content with relation to the current applied market. Your choice at least has these listed content writing curriculums: –


[1] Seo On-page And Off-page

[2] Web Analytics 

[3] Book And Ebook Publishing

[4] Affiliate Marketing

[5] Blogging

[6] Set Up Website 

[7] Keyword Research 

[8] Use Of Infographic Tools

[9] Sep

[10] Social Media Optimization 

[11] Copyrighting

[12] Plagiarism Detector Tool

[13] Style Of Writing For Different Content 

[14] Command On Grammar 

[15] Various Tools For Compelling Content.


 These are your weapons and you are going to choose this on your battlefield. So, keep these hacks in your mind while choosing to coach.


[3] Social Media Response: – Any best mentor has a lot of appraisals on social media. So carefully observe reviews by students and match them with the demo class. This way you can analyse the truth. Don’t purely rely on social media; they can even be manipulated. Do your research. Try to talk to any serious student who has just passed out from coaching. Don’t make it your opinion.


[4] Placement: – Try to find out the post-course situation of students. Is there any coaching that ties up big agencies or MNC? Study the testimonials of successful candidates of particular 



[5] Certificate: – Yes, it’s mandated. Big companies look for certification. It cherishes your portfolio.


[6] Doubt Addressing: – Yes, it matters the most. This tells about how serious any institute is for its students. Try to find out before joining.


[7] Course Fee: – Fee always should be comparable to content given in the academics. Hike fee doesn’t mean great institute, and less fee doesn’t indicate bad institute. Maybe institutes that are charging minimal pricing have more value.


If you keep the following points in mind, you will land at the best content writing courses in Mumbai.


Online Versus Offline 


I am sure many of you are confused about this. Some prefer Vedic teaching but most have adapted for new era teaching equipment. Whatsoever, trust me, for content writing courses offline institutes are more or less similar to online institutes.                                                               

And this pandemic has already shifted the curve towards online classes. Online classes also save your time and unnecessary hustles.


Now let’s see the 5 best content writing courses in Mumbai. They are well-known and established institutes. They have put their everything into growing and expanding their names in the wide industry. We will know each of them extensively and leave it to you, which one makes you comfortable.


5 Best Content Writing Courses in Mumbai


[1] IIM Skills


 IIM Skills is currently Virat Kohli of the content writing industry. A bunch of immensely dedicated mentors and staff has made IIM Skills a great brand. Here trainers Mr. Vaibhav Kakkar and Mrs. Roma Malhotra will train you all-around your subject in these 4 months of course. This is considered to be one of the best content writing courses in Mumbai as well as the best digital marketing courses in Mumbai


 The full Content Writing Master Course is divided into two sections Training And Internship.


Training: – This is 16-hour intense training within 4 weeks. In this, you will be doing the following things in a well-structured format.


          > Setting up your blog and some technical aspects related to WordPress.

           > keyword research 

           > Google ads.

           > SEO friendly article writing.

           > Various tools for grammar and compelling content.

           > Niche writing 

           > Press release 

           > Portfolio, CV and resume making

           > Infographics hacks

           > E-book

           > SOP writing and business listing 

           >Quora marketing, pamphlets design and video script.

           > Book reviewing, Email writing, Brochure and social media post making.


These are all writing exercises you will be doing while training. You will be getting weekly assignments for practical exposure. With this, you will get full access to the Learning management system for a lifetime. 


You will get free tools that are worth 35K in the market. You will have recorded lectures and a passionate team behind the screen to resolve your doubt via the mail process. You can make a Zoom meeting and call in case your doubt exists even after mail. 


IIM Skills Master Certification and Hubspot Certification will be awarded to you after clearing the examination. 



 Internship: –Throughout the process of a 3-month Internship, mentors assign you writing tasks and provide valuable feedback for improvement. Moreover, it will help you in portfolio building. Let’s see what you will learn in the internship.


           > Web development.

           >SEO on-page and off-page.

           >Creating your own brand.


           >Design landing page.

           >Affiliate marketing 

           > Adsense

           > Selling your services.

           > Freelance guidance.


Furthermore, they have a dedicated placement cell, which gives them an extra edge over others. With all these distinctive and validating factors, it is one of the top content writing courses in India

Course Fee: – 14900 + GST


Trusted Brand Partners of IIM Skills

Brand partners of IIM Skills


Reviews and Testimonials

IIM Skills content writing course reviews and testimonials

You can sign up here for knowing more.                                

This is one of the best choices for content writing courses in Mumbai.


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[2] Coursera


This platform offers an enormous number of courses virtually for free. The flexibility they offer during the course is well suited from child to professionals. They serve courses by big universities along with providing certification.


  Let’s go through their content writing content, they have courses in micro package format taught by different mentors. This is the curriculum that they follow to teach.


> Choice of words and proper order of words.

> Ideal structure of sentences and organizing the sentences.

> Drafting articles.

> Revising as a writing and editing part.

> Google SEO fundamentals.

> Keyword research.

> Content marketing.

> Social media marketing.

> Search algorithm 

> Engaging audience- storytelling

> Capstone project 

> Publishing your content 

> Website making and blog set up.

> Web development 

> Different styles of writing.

> Different types of writing as a business, creative and academic.


This kind of learning will land you at your content writing dream job if you follow it religiously. Yes, an important note is that they provide free classes but for certification, you have to pay a low nominal amount. 


 There are a lot more key features in their course structures. Let’s have a quick look.


> Variety of languages for regional audiences particularly.

> Flexibility in course duration 1 month to 4 months.

> Courses are well structured for easy, intermediate, and advanced levels as per the student’s wish.

> Fees are required only for certification, not for lectures.


As there are only lectures, you may feel problems in doubts or placement assistance.


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[3] Udemy 


Udemy is one of the most famous names of the digital world in India. It is rapidly expanding its magnificent content writing course. Their varieties of courses make them different. They have micro packages as well, which specifically target what the audience wants.


  Udemy has enriched varieties of faculties for specific sections. Let’s see all their features in a single go.


> Basic writing tips with technical tools. 

> Academic writing.

> Business plans around your writing.

> Copywriting with infographic tools.

> Online business.

> Web development, viral blogging

> Proofreading and editing the content to make it error-free.

> Ideas around content marketing.

> Freelance full-fledged consultation.

> Communication skills.

> A bit of digital marketing.

> Entrepreneurship for setting up a content agency.

> Language learning.

> SEO tactics.

> Social media operations.

>Power words – ebook 

> Assignments with practical market experience.


 Udemy also offers a wide range of flexibility in its course curriculum. It makes it highly adjustable with everyone’s situation. 


Here are some of their distinctive features:


> Courses are designed differently for beginner, intermediate and expert levels.

> Udemy offers its course in 11 different languages (Hindi also included).

> Courses are available in free as well as paid versions

> They also serve you quizzes, coding exercises as well as practice sets in the course  

> Lectures are present in subtitle format also.

> Best part is they offer micro packages, if you want to learn a topic within content writing, they may have a course for it.


They have a good tie-up so, they can guide good to you regarding placements.


Course Fee: – Full course around 6000 rupees.

                            Micro packages range from 500 to 1000 rupees.


[4] IIEDM 


 This long name is the same as its long performance in this digital world. Indian Institute of eCommerce and digital marketing (IIEDM) provides various digital and professional courses.  Content writing services are totally in the hand of industry expert professionals. Let’s dive into their course curriculum and explore their teaching style.


> They greatly focus on writing styles.

> Like storytelling

> Command on grammar 

> Tone of writing study

> Understanding the psychology of the reader and writing according to it. 

> Appealing writing.

> Copywriting 

> Technical writing.

> Creative writing 

> website content creation.

> Blog writing.

> Social media writing.

> Writing for banners

> Advertisements.

> Proofreading.

> Editing.

> Rewriting 

> Freelance guidance.


 Certification with good placements will be fully assisted. Their students are already working with big companies. They have earned a big name in this small city Mumbai. These dedicated guys will train you with live practical assignments. Your mistakes will be reviewed and rectified. And you get marketing experiences with each of the assignments. IIEDM is among the offline content writing courses in Mumbai.


 [5] Henry Harvin


It offers one of the best content writing courses in Mumbai. They are here in the industry from the beginning. In recent years they have had many tie-ups with companies that help in job assistance. Henry Harvin conducts various workshops to give a competitive environment and practical exposure. Here is the quality content which they serve during the course.


> 36-hour full course virtually

>30+ types of writing

>Blog set up and technical knowledge 

> Gold Membership – Hackathon, boot camps organized. [paid]

>Freelance projects from outside India also.

>1 year of memberships 

>Newsletters, ppt, logo designing

>SEO and creating appealing content.

> 11 modules of course for comprehensive learning.

> Internet skills and soft skills.

> Copywriting and marketing writing.

> Academic and research writing.

>Creative writing and resume writing

> Emphasizes grammar and vocabulary. 

> Graphics assistance related to content.

> Proofreading and editing control.


This is a summary of their full course. You will also get lifetime access to LMS. You can learn from multiple instructors at the same time for better learning. These placement cells are active all around and can bring a job for you. Due to these features, they are on our list of best content writing courses in Mumbai.


Course Fee: – 15000/-


So, it was all about the 5 best-paid content writing courses in Mumbai.


If you are suffering from a financial crisis then no worries, I have a solution for you as well. 




They offer free lectures about full content writing, you will be out with something productive. Many have got their first freelance projects after finishing up this course. So don’t let you down yourself, due to the money crisis. 


They teach you the following things-


> Basic art of writing.

> Online hacks to get projects.

> Website skills


> Editing with proofreading

> Grammar skills.


 Their course is in a scattered format. You need to compile up that in a well-structured format. So that you can be handy while learning. Few proper tips for guidance:


> Always be active on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook pages that will help you in learning content when you don’t have mentors.

>Follow the blogs which tell you about ranking content and marketing strategy.

> Invest a regular time to improve your writing skills daily.


Important note


These were the best content writing courses in Mumbai. You can opt for the one which suits you as per your situation. And yes, do your research before joining any institute.

Any institute has not more than 15% contribution in excelling your career. The truth is it’s your hard work and discipline that finally pays off.


Frequently Asked Questions:


Q-1 Which are the best content writing courses in Mumbai?

Answer – IIM SKILLS has a virtual classroom program that is currently considered the best institute in India for comprehensive learning of content writing. And Skillshare who are looking for a free option.


Q-2 Is an online institute better than an offline institute in content writing?

Answer- In this changing era, every tiny work is inclined digitally. So, I think we should prefer an online portal as it saves time and travel expenses. 


Q-3 Is certification necessary for a content writing job?

Answer- For blogging, it may not be necessary; but yes, if you are approaching MNC or another company for a full-time job, they will demand a certification.


Q-4 Technical knowledge is necessary for content writing?

Answer- Yes, for sure, if you want to rank your content in this online medium. You need to learn WordPress, SEO, web analytics. It will give your content a global reach.




That’s all about your 5 best content writing courses in Mumbai. Keep sharpening your writing skills for better content creation. This job is booming in the coming years as the digital world is spreading its wings.