Top 10 Content Writing Courses in Chennai in 2022

In the wake of coronavirus, every individual is suffering to a certain degree. In both professional and personal terms, losing onto daily life is the new normal. From household chores to finding jobs, everything is thorny. Those looking for the opportunity in the content writing field can surely go to one of the Best Content Writing Courses in Chennai to enhance their skills and ace them. Content writing is gaining momentum at a fast pace. Like every organization needs a CA, Engineer, or an Admin, similarly, Content writers are in huge demand.


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Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu, and the largest hub of the commercial market is the best place for content writers to kick start their journey.  Every skill, talent, expertise matters. In this high-tech environment, the more skills indicate the more chances of survival. Writing skill has not been limited to only writers in this modern world but has extended its wings to all forms of employment. Every employee is expected to excel in writing emails, documents, word files and have basic knowledge of creativity. In a metro city like Chennai, mastering your writing skills is imperative.


If you look for Content Writing Courses in Chennai, a fair amount of institutes are quick on the draw. Every institute is specialized in something different and has its proficiency level to inculcate. To begin as a beginner, intermediate or professional, you have a choice to go ahead which suits you the most. Chennai is the ideal place to strengthen your skills and keep you going hassle-free in this tricky world.


Content Writing is a sum-up of choosing an attractive go-to headline, planning the appropriate keyword, knowing your audience, and creating worthy content for sound traffic. You’ll learn the basic optimizing tools and techniques to scale up your business. There are different types of writing styles such as article writing, blog writing, press release, E-book writing, etc. Some courses offer the complimentary benefits of making your content look attractive using design tools and imparting technical knowledge.


Looking at today’s job trend, for different types of content, there are distinct job opportunities. Content Writing Courses in Chennai will help you to stand out from the crowd of content writers. These courses are much more than just article writing or blog writing.


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Top 10 Content Writing Courses in Chennai


1.IIM Skills


IIM SKILLS is the fastest growing platform in terms of providing online education services around the globe. Reaching 35 countries and being in existence for around 5 years, IIM SKILLS have 23 offices in Asian cities.


The Content Writing industry is looking for the Content Writing Master Course(CWMC) as best. This course of IIM SKILLS has grabbed attention globally. And it is not limited not only to students but also businessmen, industry owners, marketing professionals to acquire expertise in the field of Digital Marketing and Content Writing.


The mode of course is online. From registration to certification, no paperwork is done. Thus, it is lending its helping hands to the environment in the Go-Green initiative. This course is completely flexible as it provides classes on both weekdays and weekends. For working professionals and college students, it is difficult to spare time to attend classes, so they can opt for weekends. The choice is yours for what period you are comfortable enrolling.


You know the biggest advantage is you don’t have to seek any transportation expense nor worry about missing out on lectures. Due to its online presence, you can access your classes from your home sitting in a comfortable area. For good measure, why you should choose the Content Writing Master Course of IIM Skills.


Course details

  • Live Lectures of 16 hours during the course.
  • Practical assignments of 60 hours.
  • Free tools costing Rs. 35,000.
  • Perks of Global Accreditation Certificate.
  • Lifetime Access to the study material.
  • Placement Assistance with proper guidance.
  • Guaranteed fee back policy after 1 class, if you don’t like the course


In 16 hours of live lecture, this course ensures to impart optimum knowledge about different tools and techniques to produce the best results from the acquired talent of writing in an individual. The assignments are given to provide better clarity to the learners accustomed to the classes. Assignments are followed by feedback. This is a plus point, you can make improvements and be more fueled in working more aptly.


A domain and hosting are the key ingredients. When you handle your website, this will encourage you to learn more and skill up on all the shortcomings.


What skills you will Learn


IIM SKILLS is imparting knowledge with the assistance of founder Vaibhav Kakkar and Ms.Roma Malhotra. They are the best guides, always ready to listen and provide useful suggestions with patience. Teachers are highly commendable, they try to maintain a balance between classes so that it doesn’t get boring and the little tasks in between sessions are amazing.


The skills you’ll excel in this content writing course are:


  1. WordPress
  2. Knowledge about Keywords selection
  3. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  4. Different tools like Uber Suggest, Answer the Public, Google Analytics, etc.
  5. Checking errors and plagiarism detector.
  6. Drawing Emailers, press releases, newsletters.
  7. Business writing, Academic writing, Ghostwriting.
  8. Social media marketing and micro-blogging sites.
  9. Other aspects about how much you can earn and the ways to earn as a Content Writer.
  10. Importance of credible research and copyright-free image usage.


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Fee structure

The fee for the Content Writing Master Course is INR 12,900 excluding 18% GST. The total amount paid is approximately Rs.15,000.


It also provides a Master Digital Marketing Course, where you can learn SEO and other marketing strategies to rank your content.

Contact Details





FITA is one of the premier Content Writing Courses in Chennai. This course is designed keeping in mind both beginners as well as professionals. This course is conducted by IT pass outs and qualified experts with 10 plus years of experience in the Content Writing industry.


The literacy rate is high in the southern part of India. Chennai is the industrial hub so the players in the market are tough to beat. This course provides 60 hours of classes and leaves the presence of its teaching on students.


The mode of Class is both Online and Offline. Offices are at various locations like Velachery, Anna Nagar, Tambaram, T Nagar, OMR.


Key Features of the Course


  • Development of strong Verbal and Non- Verbal communication skills.
  • Engaging Content writing assistance to increase readability.
  • Helps in polishing content with proofreading techniques and other marketing skills.
  • SEO writing, technical wiring, and other different writings are cultivated.
  • Flexible class hours for working and non-working enthusiasts.
  • Multiple location-based classes for convenience.


For those who are looking for a job offer after completing, this content writing course is for you. A Guide for students seeking job experience is supported by conducting mock interviews, group discussions, and providing reviews for the same. One year of free access to learning materials is also complimentary with this course.


Address & Contact Details

37F, Velachery Main road, Chennai (600042)

+91 9345045466, 044 4208 4566


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3. Zuan Education


Zuan Education is an initiative of Zuan Technologies. This program launched in 2011 with the motive to educate about the presence of Digital Marketing and content creation. Zuan Technologies are market players in providing digital services with effective market solutions to the clients in boosting their businesses.


The Content Market Training course is affordable and starts with only Rs. 6999 for batch training. There are various other offers like individual training, custom training, and online training. Every course has its price. Before enrolling yourself, check the eligibility criteria.


Eligibility criterion

  • the person must be a graduate or diploma holder.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Basic knowledge of SEO and Digital Marketing.
  • Familiar with MS Excel, MS Word, and MS Powerpoint.


Key Features

  1. Well-structured learning process and curriculum.
  2. Customized syllabus for both beginners and professionals.
  3. Content creation and marketing content
  4. Blog marketing, Social Media Marketing, image marketing, B2B Marketing
  5. Video Article, Press releases, Emails, Event writing.
  6. Periodic evaluation and reviews for the same
  7. Placement assistance



  • The Content Market Training is a course with flexible timings.
  • Duration: 10 days
  • On Weekdays: 2 hours per day sessions.
  • On Weekends: 4 days per hour
  • Through Skype and Teamviewer, live classes are also there.


Address & Contact Details

61 No., floor 2, Acrot Road, Kodambakkam, Chennai.

+91 9025 500 600, 044 4353 4999



4. Skills Upgrader


Skill Upgrader is the kingpin for the best Content Writing Courses in Chennai. This platform offers an exclusive course offering both content writing and content marketing in a single course. This will enhance the writer’s skill in the right direction and encourage the aspirants how to rank themselves using a perfect marketing strategy. Experts are so refined that they are true to what they deliver and motivate students by clearing all the loopholes to make students understand better.


Key Features of Skill Upgrader


  • This course is delivering extremely well results thanks to the experts.
  • It provides lifetime support to students, they can access the learning material whenever they need it.
  • Modules are designed according to today’s trends and what the market requires from a professional.
  • Up to Rs. 40,000 content writing and marketing tools are provided free of cost. So that the aspirants can learn more practically.
  • It conducts 16 hours or four weeks of live class training.
  • Knowledge about Social media writings, Ad Copy, Blogging, Website Content, etc.


There are 15 modules in this course and they highly emphasize the importance of content writing, SEO optimization, Web hosting, content creation using the best keywords, and publishing error-free content.


Fee Structure and Timings

Skill upgrader’s Content Writer Course will cost you Rs.9999 and attracts 18% GST. When the discount offer prevails this course costs around Rs. 6999 + 18% GST.

Timings: 10:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. on weekends ( Saturday and Sunday)


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An online educational platform, Udemy, has grabbed the attention of writers. The content writing course provides wide learnings on the demanding topics. There are different courses available according to the preference of writers. Some focus on one area of expertise and others cover the whole journey of how, why one should become a content writer.


List of courses by Udemy


  1. Learn about Content Writing.
  2. Ultimate Web Content Writing Masterclass+ Power words E-book.
  3. Content is king: Writing killer content for Web and Marketing.
  4. How to write better Headlines.
  5. Successful part-time Content Writing Business.


These are some of the courses offered. Apart from these, let’s check the key points about the course offered by Udemy.


Key Features

  • Online access to learning resources.
  • Expert guidance.
  • Certification after the course.
  • Full-time access to the materials.
  • Practical assignments


6. MyCaptain


MyCaptain is the most approaching online educational platform. It attracts the students because of its famous teaching approach. Young achievers like travel bloggers, freelance content writers, and other content entrepreneurs are the coaches. They can connect with the students through their wonderful performances. Some already know them like Yayha Bhootwala (Writer, Poet), Vir Das (Comedian), Ravinder Singh (Indian Author).


Those who are seeking content writing courses in Chennai can dive into this course. The content writing course is a 30 days course with 16 assignments on your way. Duration is of 30 days.


Key Features

  • Placement assistance for sure.
  • Guaranteed job interviews up to 5.
  • Certification on completion.
  • Introduction to various types of blogs
  • Writing baby steps for beginners
  • Content Marketing Strategy and promotional aspects


Fee Structure

This course is highly affordable costing Rs.1999.


7. ECT


The only Governmental recognized institute Education & Career Times (ECT) is providing Content Writing Courses online. This solely teaches enthusiasts to cross every boundary and restriction to go to classes. Online mode has been resolving thousands of problems and focusing on providing better content writing courses. ECT is owned by Digitalimpulse Online Pvt. Ltd.


Key Features


  • Duration is 3 months.
  • The online class is 32 hours long with 50 hours of e-learning and video resources.
  • 5 practical assignments.
  • 10 quizzes
  • Live projects up to 5
  • Work from home job opportunities
  • Placement assistance
  • Lifetime support
  • Certification recognized by GOI.


Fee structure

The content writing course of ECT is having internship opportunities. This course will cost you Rs. 12712 + 18% GST.


8. Linkedin Learning


Who doesn’t know Linkedin in this era? Linkedin is the first application we go through while searching for a job or creating an impressive profile to attract jobs. But have you ever thought this platform is not just limited to providing jobs but also sharpening the skills required to be a professional? For content writers, there are various courses available like Web Content Writing, Creative Writing, Copy Writing, SEO, Digital writing, and many more. There are also skill tests for the same.


For each type of course, there are sub-courses built to assist in a particular area of interest. One of the interesting Courses in Creative Writing is Learning to Write for the web by Chris Nodder.


Key Features of this course


  • Certificate of completion (Linkedin learning certificate and NASBA)
  • 2 projects
  • 7 Quizzes
  • How to write front-loading content
  • Jargon-free content writing skills
  • 32 video lectures
  • Lifetime access to the videos


Fee Structure

This course is giving a chance to take back your money within 30 days after enrollment. The cost is Rs. 1150 and 18% GST. The total amount goes to Rs. 1357.


9. Spark Academy


Spark academy serves the Content Writing Course in Chennai. Content Writing course calls out all the working professionals, college students, freelancers, mid-career professionals, and other enthusiasts interested. Experts are trained in digital marketing, SEO-related stuff, and content writing.


Key features


  • 1-month course duration
  • Fundamentals of writing
  • Writing structure and ranking of content via SEO.
  • Post-writing edits like documentation, editing, proofreading.
  • 100% placement assistance
  • Flexible classes


Fee structure and timings

Both weekends and weekdays. Timings are 10 A.M. to 1 P.M., 2 P.M. to 5 P.M., and 4 P.M. to 7 P.M. The fee is Rs. 6000.


Address and Contact Details

No. 19, First floor, Bazaar road, Anna Nagar, West Saidapet, Chennai (600015)

+91 9677207445



10. Henry Harvin


Henry Harvin is the top-notch player in providing education in both online and offline modes. Trainers hold experience for over 15 years. This course is recognized by top institutes including IIT Bombay, IIT Delhi, IIM institutes. This course is acclaimed by over 20 media houses and trusted by more than 150 companies.


Key Features of the course


  • 36 hours of live interactive sessions.
  • Learn from 10+ year experience holder experts.
  • Live projects to give industrial exposure
  • Guaranteed internship assistance.
  • Recorded classes and Bootcamp sessions in the membership program.
  • Breaks for Tea/ Lunch in case of offline classes.
  • Hallmark next to your name. E.g. Mohit (CDCW)


Learnings from course


  1. To write more than 30 content types.
  2. Website creation and managing skills.
  3. Graphic designing skills for better engagement.
  4. Command over language skills.
  5. Digital marketing and content ranking strategies.


Gold Membership Benefits


In 1- year Gold membership of content writing course of Henry Harvin, you’ll have the following benefits:

  • Recorded Classes, games, and case studies
  • Brush up sessions held monthly costing Rs. 6000 for free.
  • Guaranteed internship.
  • Job opportunities through mails.
  • Soft Skill Development course is complimentary with this course.


Fee Structure

There are two criteria to enroll in a content writing course by Henry Harvin. Either get yourself registered in the Self Paced program or with Gold Membership benefits.


For Self Paced: Rs. 13000

For Self-paced with Gold Membership Benefits: Rs. 15000


Address & Contact Details

Fida The Design Work/School 11, 1st-floor tech park, plot no. 11/16, Dr. Vikram Sarabhai Instronics Estate, Thrivanmiyur, Chennai (600041)

+ 91 9015266266




Content writing is a powerful skill. No one can teach you how to write a word step by step, but they can provide you the right direction on how to use your skill and monetize your skills. Everyone loves to transform their skills into earning. Content writing is a trendy area to grow and develop. There are much more opportunities in this field than you can imagine. After entering this industry, you can be a designer, writer, author, and what you desire to be.


These are the best Content Writing Courses in Chennai. The digital world has pioneered the market of content marketing and content creation. Content Creation is bringing more leads than offline advertisements. Every company needs a content writer to help in boosting the growth of the company. You can be a freelancer, academic writer, subject matter expert, blogger, travel writer, ghostwriter, press release writer, SOP writer, etc. There are wholesome job opportunities in this content writer industry.